22 February 2013

Trick Art Museum I-City Shah Alam


For sure you guys have heard of I-City Shah Alam right? The city of lights sekarang dah semakin membangun dan there have more attraction than the last 2 years.

Since I-City ni sangat-sangat dekat, dengan tempat belajar aku, tak ada hal nak datang bila-bila dan mengikuti segala perkembangan. Dulu datang masuk entry free je, then kena bayar RM10, no sekarang dah ada sistem tiketing. So since dah kena bayar ni jarang-jarang datang I-City.

Anyways, kali ni masuk sebab nak cuba Trick Art Museum, yang dah lama bukak tapi aku yang tak pergi-pergi. Kali ni baru dapat peluang masuk ke sana.

Apa itu Trick Art? Its something like this.

That door was really heavy you knowwww..

So how to get here?  So down here is the map of I-City

Can you see the big Gorilla on top? That is where the Trick Art Museum is.

Harga ticket ke Museum Trick Art I-City Shah Alam ialah RM5 seorang. Untuk beli tiket kena beli dekat booth di hadapan Fun World, then dia akan kasi kad bersama nilai yang diperlukan. Jangan lupa bila nak balik nanti pulangkan kad tu dekat kaunter kad tu balik sebab nanti dia akan pulangkan balik RM5.

Untuk masuk ke Trick Art Museum, u guys need to take turns in group. Not everyone is allowed to enter at the same time, if not it will be so packed that you will unable to take pictures.

For those who love taking pictures and being in pictures you sure will love this place

This is a place where you can also explore your creativity

And think there almost nearlu 100 pictures here, not too sure about that, but its drawn in every possible place they can

The first time ever I have milked a cow

 Even batman came and saved me.
There are a lot more pictures, tired to upload laa.. Apa kata korang pergi sendiri and have your own pictures.

Till now.. Toodles!

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