03 February 2013

Tips: Tangani Masalah Keguguran Rambut untuk Mereka yang Bertudung


Hello peeps! This is me updating in 2015! But the picture above is not! LOL
I know the date shows 2013 but when I came across this post it was just so sad to read, I basically didn't know much back then.
I wanted to delete this post but the visitors for this post through keywords are really high so I feel so sayang to delete it, instead I'm gonna give this blogpost a makeover! Wohooo
And yeahh.. you must be wondering why am I writing in English? The title is in BM but the explanation is in English. Well I'm in the process of converting my blog to an English blog.

Okay now, enough babbling from me and get to the point of this post.
Take note that these are my personal tips after several attempts to get the right habit for hair care.
And in the end I managed to come up with these routines.
Alhamdulillah after I managed to follow these rules in hair care, my hair loss has decreased a lot!
And new hair also grows as well, and I feel more confident with my hair now.

So what are they? Lets start shall we

1. Find the Perfect Shampoo
Finding the perfect shampoo for you is quite a tough job actually. With so much to choose from the market you will utterly get confused in which you should use since all products will promise you the same thing. But would they really work, you will never know unless you try it out.

If you haven't found your right shampoo yet, try purchasing trial packs or travelling size shampoos to try out. So you won't damage your pocket much once you know the results. 
Most of the shampoos offered in the market contains a lot of silicon. Silicon is actually not good for the scalp, which also causes hair loss to happen.

Usually the shampoos sold at the Salon are silicon free or contains less silicon, but the price is $$$$ I tell ya. So you might wanna pull an extra budget if your going for shampoos at the Salon.
But if you budget is just like me, better try out one in the market.

What I'm using now is this one here

2. Wash your hair ONCE every two days.
Okay, some of you might think like WHATTTT?? Selang dua hari baru cuci rambut? How's that suppose to help? Tak kotor ke rambut?
Trust me on this. Before I came up with this routine I washed my hair everyday. Every time I shower I will also wash my hair, that means 3 or 4 times a day.
I noticed that my hair will fall a lot when I'm in the shower.

So one day, I was talking to my friend and we talked about my hair fall problems. I asked her how she maintained her hair, cause she had really long thick hair. She says that she doesn't wash her hair everyday. She washes her hair ONCE every two days. So that's when I started trying it out and it works.

Don't try going for more days without washing your hair, cause it might cause dandruff cause your scalp ain't clean. Since we're wearing scarves, our heads will be covered almost 90% of the day, so you will tend to sweat and your hair becomes oily with our country's heat. So make sure to wash and shampoo your hair ONCE every two days to overcome these problems.
You can also Shampoo your hair ONCE a day, but some people like me cannot bare much of the chemicals contained in a shampoo.
Its up to you actually.

3. OPTIONAL: Use the full range product
This is actually very optional, some people are just okay with Shampoo and Conditioner, but some may want a little bit more help. If you have found the right Shampoo for you, try adding on their hair mask, serum, or even oil. These additional products might just help you to get back your hair strength or regrow new hair after facing so much hair loss.
But this is optional, it depends on your budget actually.

4. Let your hair dry on its own
Some of us tend to use a hairdryer everyday to dry up our hair. For me I suggest to try minimise drying our hair with heat, let the hair dry on its own. Dry it with a hair towel, or sit in front of a table fan. I know the process would be longer than using a hairdryer but this is actually healthy for the hair. Why not try this out on the weekends, you will feel much more fresher. 

5. Comb your hair when its partially dried
I've done various readings and I found out for those who have problems with hair loss it is better if you comb your hair with a bigger comb which their teeth are further apart. It means its gaps are more wider. Thus avoid combs that are like brushes with lots of teeth. Cause it tends to break more hair when our hair is already fragile.
So why only comb the hair when its partially dried? Well I've done a lot of test on this. I found that my hair is really fragile, so when I comb my hair when its damped, I could see a lot of hair stuck on to the comb. 
But when I comb my hair when the hair is completely dried, it gets harder to comb the hair cause my hair is all tangled up and to get my hair straight I will put force on my comb thus results in more hair loss.
So then I tried combing my hair when it was partially dried, the hair loss seems to be minimal, sometimes non at all. And its much easier to comb the hair during that time, so when the hair dries up completely my hair would already be straight.

6. Make sure your hair is completly dry when you wear your scarf
This is the biggest mistake a girl could ever do. This could not only cause you hair fall, but cause you to smell so badly. Yes! You will smell bad because you like 'perap' your hair all day, and the hair is desperate for air, but there's no air in your scarf except humid.
So no wonder the smell is become bad, I'm sure you girls have encountered girls like this right? 
No use using those expensive perfume of yours if you have this habit.

7. Let your hair breath during breaks
As a muslim we have 2 solat breaks right during the day? No mater how busy you are, you will still do your prayer. So when you take of your scarf to do your wuduk why not untie your hair also. Let it loose for a while before you tie it up again. This doesn't have to do with hair fall actually but I just wanted to inclued this. It feels great actually letting your hair down after one whole day bundled up in a bun. It could make you feel instantly refreshed.

8. Go to the Saloon every 3 months
Why? I have encountered some people who have worn a scarf from a young age never had visited the Saloon before. They will just get a haircut done at home and the excuse is that nobody gonna look at  her hair since she's wearing a scarf. 
Well to me, its not because either a person will look at you or not, its about personal care of the hair. Honestly for me, taking care of the hair alone is rather hard to achieve without visiting the saloon.
Why? Well in order for your hair to grow longer you either have to cut your hair or trim it at least 3 months once. That's the only way.
Plus when your at the saloon, they will wash your hair more properly than you do it at home. And once in a while you will want to give treatment to your hair don't you?

9. Do a scalp treatment
This is not a priority but doing a scalp treatment at least once a year is good enough. Why? Cause any Shampoo you use all contain Silicon. So its a good thing to get treatment once a while to clean your scalp. Actually, scalp treatment is supposed to be done once a month, but one scalp treatment usually cost RM100++ depend on the Salon you go. So again its up to you.

So that's basically all.

Till then peeps


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