21 February 2013

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

Title: Beautiful Creatures
Duration: 124min 
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Director: Richard LaGravenese 

Rate: 4/5


Lena is the new girl in town. Her uncle Macon lives in a mansion at the edge of town that keeps him distance far apart from the town people. The town's people claims that the Ravenwood's family are the worshipers of Syaitan's. That's why Lena that went to the town's school got rejected from everyone but caught the eyes of Ethan, a young man that has been dying to get out of that time for a long time.
Since Ethan's mum died, his father never came out of his room and Amma (his mother's bestfriend) has been taking care of them.
The story starts taking place when Ethan gave Lena a ride back home. And since then Ethan was certain that Lena was the girl he has been dreaming for months now. It happens to be that Lena were also having the same dreams and it was their destiny to love each other.
Lena is not a human but is a witch or either called as a caster, when Lena reach 16 she will have to claim her fate, either good or either bad. While waiting for her birthday, Lena prepares herself but gets into a lot of stress since there were sacrifices to be made.
Her mother Sarafina and her cousin Ridely has been trying their best to pull her to the dark side. Lena soon discovers that she was also under a curse since she fell in love with a human. The curse created by her great ancestor that also fell in love with a human. The only way she could break the curse is by killing the one she loved. Since she new about that she made Ethan forget about her.
On Lena's birthday is also the day of the claiming, Ethan was shot by his best friend that was being controlled by Ridley. Lena almost claimed the dark side until Macon revealed himself to be Ethan that was shot. Macon sacrificed himself so that her niece could turn into someone good.

So to make it clearer to you guys, here is the trailer 

From my personal view, this movie is a must watch. The jokes are new, even though there might be a similarity between this movie and twilight but for fantasy lovers you sure gonna love this.

So in Malaysia the movie release in on the 21st March 2013.

P/s: Thank You Nuffnang for the tickets


  1. Oh, mira pun ada semalam? Tak perasan pulak.. Btw, this movie best kan! Rasa macam nk tengok lagi sekali.. Huhuhu

  2. Ea ke? Anis pun ada ke? Orang tak nampak jugak anis dekat sana

  3. The synopsis is pretty much the whole story. Menyesalnya baca. T.T

  4. Hahaha.. Lebih kuranglahh.. Tak pandai nak cut2 cerita


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