25 February 2013

Digi's Buddyz Never Apart Manifesto with Lisa Surihani

Ohooo.. It has been about a month or more I think till the video of Digi's Buddyz Never Apart Manifesto finally came out. You see, you see finally it came out. 
Tapi sedih cause actually this event boleh bawak kawan-kawan rapat but semua sibuk kerja masa tu. Haihhh.. But its okay, at least ada Hanis.

This video is the blogger version and selected bloggers and their friends participated to make this manifesto with Lisa Surihani.

Fisrt time nampak Lisa, ternganga tengok, haha.. Serious dia sangat cantik and funny.  Tergelak-gelak masa shoot dengan dia. Si Hanis pun excited kemain siap tangkap gambar dengan mak lsa sekali.

Anyways, down here is the video, Melaka Boy was in charge of directing this video and he was awesome. Please don't mind dahiku yang berkilau dalam video tu.

Last words.. HAHA.. K Bye


  1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jeles! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh mencik. mencik. dhla minat gile ngn lisa. xaci...

  2. Alaa Kak Anne, mira pergi ni pun event nuffnang je. Kak Anne pergi event2 lagi gempak.


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