20 February 2013

Animal Cruelty

In such early morning I have already lost my mood. Why? I was browsing through youtube and came across a video of animal cruelty. It was so cruel that someone like me that is hard to cry, just cried watching this video. What video do you mean?

These humans are sick! Really sick! I know ducks are for eating, but why do they have to torture the ducks. Just kill it properly. And is it that good eating balloted duck liver? Kicking and throwing ducks, putting them into packed cages. Killing ducks without mercy. We can barely see that humans now are civilized. If you don't want the duck, why kill it? You can just set it free or kill it properly and have dinner with your family. Don't torture it by hit by the wall, or crack their necks with your barehand and then just dump it into a waste bin. How could humans in this era still be so out of hearts?

Lately I've seen so many animal torture. The stupidest one was a putting kittens into jars. Have your heard of that?

i don't know how true this story is until I came across this article

Its seems to be that it is actually true. It is known that a Japanese man in The US is selling Bonsai Kittens in a Jar and it is exported to various countries as souvenirs. Just imagine, the kittens are still alive while they are stuck in a small jar. They can't move at all and the eat from a straw, and some stupid people thinks there awesomeeee to bring back home this super cute kitten in a jar. But there human are mental. I can't imagine putting my cat into a jar and putting it on display at house.

Then I came across to horse meat. Last night in the news there was a speculation about horse meat right? If you have been watching the news you will know. Uhhh.. The video was so cruel. Can't even bare to share. Why people do you want to kill horses now? Ain't there enough cow meat, chicken meat, goat meat in the world already?

These footage's made me sick! These animal abuse need to be stopped. Don't you think that civilized people wouldn't do these kind of stuff? Maybe starting from primary school there is need of animal rights education. Adults with no brain cannot be tamed anymore, it better to start with the children. So I just hope the younger generation wan't do something like this to abuse animals. Its just not human. 



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  2. Dont' worry. The bonsai kitten is fake. -.-





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