25 February 2013

Digi's Buddyz Never Apart Manifesto with Lisa Surihani

Ohooo.. It has been about a month or more I think till the video of Digi's Buddyz Never Apart Manifesto finally came out. You see, you see finally it came out. 
Tapi sedih cause actually this event boleh bawak kawan-kawan rapat but semua sibuk kerja masa tu. Haihhh.. But its okay, at least ada Hanis.

This video is the blogger version and selected bloggers and their friends participated to make this manifesto with Lisa Surihani.

Fisrt time nampak Lisa, ternganga tengok, haha.. Serious dia sangat cantik and funny.  Tergelak-gelak masa shoot dengan dia. Si Hanis pun excited kemain siap tangkap gambar dengan mak lsa sekali.

Anyways, down here is the video, Melaka Boy was in charge of directing this video and he was awesome. Please don't mind dahiku yang berkilau dalam video tu.

Last words.. HAHA.. K Bye

23 February 2013

Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash!

OMG! Paaartaayyyyy!!! Wohoooo.. Can't believe that Nuffnang is turning 6 already. I've just joined Nuffnang for about a year and I've missed out on 5 years without Nuffnang? Serious a waste since I've enjoyed a whole lot fun with Nuffnang since I signed up.

Anyways, Nuffnang is giving away pairs of tickets to join them for their birthday party, and of course I wanna joinnnnn!!  Looking at the pictures of Nuffnang's last year birthday was awesome, so it might be more awesome this year since they are bringing in TraxxFM The Morning Zoo's .

So for me to win a pair of tickets, I need to tell them my all time favourite music album and create a playlist at http://www.deezer.com/ms/ compiling 5 tracks that I want the DJ to play during Nuffnang birthday party.

So here goes nothing, 

First of all, MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE ALBUM, so since they  specifically said 'ALL TIME', its no other than

Seriously don't laugh but yeahh this is MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE ALBUM, I can listen to this repeatedly everyday I don't care. Their songs are the best! Besides I've been growing up with their songs. So yeahh.. I love outdated songs, but you guys must have heard their songs right? Come on la, who doesn't listen to BSB?
In this album it includes all my favourite song.

1."I Want It That Way"  Millennium3:35
2."Everybody (Backstreet's Back)(Extended version)Backstreet's Back4:47
3."As Long as You Love Me"  Backstreet's Back3:34
4."Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely"  Millennium3:56
5."Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)"  Backstreet Boys3:55
6."All I Have to Give"  Backstreet's Back4:38
7."Larger Than Life"  Millennium4:04
8."I'll Never Break Your Heart"  Backstreet Boys4:50
9."The Call"  Black & Blue3:25
10."Shape of My Heart"  Black & Blue3:52
11."The One"  Millennium3:48
12."More Than That(radio mix)Black & Blue3:43

So there is it guys, my all time favourite album. Backstreet Boys Chapter One.

Next, I need to create a playlist at Deezer.com, so these are the songs I chose for Nufnang's Birthday.

1.  Birthday- Pixie Lott

2.  Good Time- Owl City

3. Starships- Nicki Minaj 

4. Drive By - Train

5. Troublemaker- Olly Murs Feat Flo Rida

So these are my choices of songs, you guys can check out the playlist here

And this is my share on facebook and twitter

That's pretty much guys, btw you should try Deezer.com, it surely is easy. Couldn't stop exploring. I found all the songs I wanted here. Really-really easy, try giving it a try.

Ok then peeps, wish me luck. Bye!


22 February 2013

Trick Art Museum I-City Shah Alam


For sure you guys have heard of I-City Shah Alam right? The city of lights sekarang dah semakin membangun dan there have more attraction than the last 2 years.

Since I-City ni sangat-sangat dekat, dengan tempat belajar aku, tak ada hal nak datang bila-bila dan mengikuti segala perkembangan. Dulu datang masuk entry free je, then kena bayar RM10, no sekarang dah ada sistem tiketing. So since dah kena bayar ni jarang-jarang datang I-City.

Anyways, kali ni masuk sebab nak cuba Trick Art Museum, yang dah lama bukak tapi aku yang tak pergi-pergi. Kali ni baru dapat peluang masuk ke sana.

Apa itu Trick Art? Its something like this.

20 February 2013

Animal Cruelty

In such early morning I have already lost my mood. Why? I was browsing through youtube and came across a video of animal cruelty. It was so cruel that someone like me that is hard to cry, just cried watching this video. What video do you mean?

These humans are sick! Really sick! I know ducks are for eating, but why do they have to torture the ducks. Just kill it properly. And is it that good eating balloted duck liver? Kicking and throwing ducks, putting them into packed cages. Killing ducks without mercy. We can barely see that humans now are civilized. If you don't want the duck, why kill it? You can just set it free or kill it properly and have dinner with your family. Don't torture it by hit by the wall, or crack their necks with your barehand and then just dump it into a waste bin. How could humans in this era still be so out of hearts?

Lately I've seen so many animal torture. The stupidest one was a putting kittens into jars. Have your heard of that?

i don't know how true this story is until I came across this article

Its seems to be that it is actually true. It is known that a Japanese man in The US is selling Bonsai Kittens in a Jar and it is exported to various countries as souvenirs. Just imagine, the kittens are still alive while they are stuck in a small jar. They can't move at all and the eat from a straw, and some stupid people thinks there awesomeeee to bring back home this super cute kitten in a jar. But there human are mental. I can't imagine putting my cat into a jar and putting it on display at house.

Then I came across to horse meat. Last night in the news there was a speculation about horse meat right? If you have been watching the news you will know. Uhhh.. The video was so cruel. Can't even bare to share. Why people do you want to kill horses now? Ain't there enough cow meat, chicken meat, goat meat in the world already?

These footage's made me sick! These animal abuse need to be stopped. Don't you think that civilized people wouldn't do these kind of stuff? Maybe starting from primary school there is need of animal rights education. Adults with no brain cannot be tamed anymore, it better to start with the children. So I just hope the younger generation wan't do something like this to abuse animals. Its just not human. 


17 February 2013

Trip to Kelantan

Hye Assalamualaikum..

Miss me? Hehe.. Well I just got back from Kelantan recently and this is my first time ever going there. Dah boleh agak kan betapa excited sangat aku sampai tak nak balik.

Muka bahagia sangat, why? Sebab nak pergi Kelantan kemain lagi redah Cameron Highlands. Dan itu kali pertama aku juga pergi Cameron. Sedih right? 
Macam mana boleh sampai ke Cameron? Maklumlah pergi konvoi, lagi-lagi masa tahun baru cina, kononnya tujuannya untuk elakkan jam. Itu yang berpusing jauh tu. Tambah lagi ada Mr Confident yang kena berpusing jauh untuk ke hala tuju yang betul. HAHA... (itu cerita dalaman).

03 February 2013

Tips: Tangani Masalah Keguguran Rambut untuk Mereka yang Bertudung


Hello peeps! This is me updating in 2015! But the picture above is not! LOL
I know the date shows 2013 but when I came across this post it was just so sad to read, I basically didn't know much back then.
I wanted to delete this post but the visitors for this post through keywords are really high so I feel so sayang to delete it, instead I'm gonna give this blogpost a makeover! Wohooo
And yeahh.. you must be wondering why am I writing in English? The title is in BM but the explanation is in English. Well I'm in the process of converting my blog to an English blog.

01 February 2013

I'm a Student Again

Morninggggggggg.. Assalamualaikum fellow blog readers.
Hey Hey Hey, good news

Alahamdulillah, dapat juga tawaran Ijazah Sarjana Muda di UiTM. Memang kali ni harap pemilihan course yang aku pilih betul. Aku betul-betul harap kali ini memang bidang inilah yang akan aku buat kerjaya nanti. Sekarang ni memang nampak minat aku ke arah designing, lagipun dari kecik pun aku memang suka buat perkara-perkara yang kreatif ni.

I'm no so sure the specifications of printing course but what I'm sure off is that we will have to learn how to design. So maybe that's just a step to see either I'm able to do seriously or not.

Masa mohon dulu belah bagi antara nak ambil Graphic Design ataupun Printing. Jenuhlah tanya rakan-rakan yang ambil AD dekat UiTM. Katanya dua-dua course ni hampir sama je. So since hampir sama je, aku fikir pula tempat belajar. Katanya posibility kalau ambil Graphic Design maybe akan tercampak ke Negeri lain.

Ouhhhh noooo... Tak mungkin, kalau dia masa masuk diploma dulu memanglah mengaharap nak ke negeri lain. Tapi sekarang ni dah selesa duduk dekat Shah Alam ni, kira-kira dah dekat 3 tahunlah jadi orang Shah Alam. Tambah pula dekat aktiviti-aktiviti blogging, lagilah aku sayang nak tinggalkan Shah Alam ni.

So, in the end ambil keputusan untuk mohon printing, dengan yakinnya tak akan tinggalkan Shah Alam, so since kerja dekat Subang, dengan yakinnya cari rumah dekat dengan UiTM Shah Alam, kononnya senanglah nanti dah masuk belajar tak payah nak pindah randah dah. Lebih-lebih lagi bila dah nak masuk belajar, confirm penyewa-penyewa rumah akan naikkan harga rumah sewa. And kebetulan ada pula satu rumah ni memang tengah cari penyewa, and memang perfect timing masa tu.

So now, I am so comfortable here and then I get an offer saying that my main campus is at UiTM Puncak Alam. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??????? Then I need to move again, seriously tak nak! Nak duduk hostel, dah degree memang kena duduk luar. Uhhhhh.. So aku buat keputusan, nanti dululah fikir. Cause campus sementara masih dekat UiTM Shah Alam. So ada masa lagi nak fikir, and buat keputusan bila dah tengok keadaan nanti.

Walaupun UiTM Puncak Alam masih dalam selangor, but still jauh dari Seksyen 7, nak ke UiTM Puncak Perdana dulu pun dah dikira juah, ni lagilah ke Puncak Alam dekat ceruk sana. Haihhhh..

Seriously, nak pindah ke rumah lain, memang dah tak ada niat langsung. Rumah yang sekarang ni dah cukup selesa dengan fasiliti, housemates, dan wifi pun dah pasang under nama aku pula. Nampak tak bertapa beratnya keadaan nak pindah ni, tambah lagi rumah ni aku boleh bawa kucing since dekat rumah ni memang bela kucing.

Urghhh... Seriously, please please please la, tolonglah tukar campus bila aku dah tamat degree, or during my last semester ke. HAHA... Berangan lebih.

Anyways, bersyukur sangat sekarang ni dah dapat offer belajar. Harap-harap nanti dah sambung belajar, sharpen sikit skills bolehlah cari-cari duit sambilan design untuk orang. Wohoaa.. Banyak dah comitment sejak hidup sorang ni.

Sooooo.. UiTM Shah Alam and Puncak Alam just wait for me

p/s: Kucing baru saya nama dia Gary, dan mak tiri dia suruh saya tulis dekat blog ni untuk kata dia comel. Cehhhh.. LOL