26 January 2013

Experiencing Genting

Hey Hey Hey.. Just got back from Genting. Thanks to Genting I was able to experience a stay there without any cost. Bertuah juga jadi blogger ni kan? 

Anyways, for this trip we had a lot in mind, to play the theme park, watch Freeze, enter Snow World and also experience Sky Venture, but we only we're able to do one thing. Its just that we just didn't have time. Masing-masing dah sibuk, pergi pun terkejar-kejar, balik pun tekejar- kejar. 

But its okay.. Dah tak ada rezeki kan? Maybe next time I'll get the chance again.

But the best part for this time is that we we're able to enter Snow World. The new Snow World okay. 

Tadaaaa.. Tempat dia serious cantik.. And the chill freezes you to the bone. Somehow feels like your in a massive decorated freezer. Hehehe... 

But before you go in here, you need to get the proper clothing first.

The red if for the guys and the pink is for the ladies. Don't forget your gloves and shoes. Cause its super cold inside. And the best part is that you can also slide down from the second level to the floor. The place is beautiful and it sure will attract your attention, but your not allowed to bring in any camera's. Cause there is a cameraman already inside for your service, and of course you have to pay for the pictures.

We didn't do much at Genting since we were short of time. We were suppose to watch freeze that night but we didn't notice that we reserved during public holiday so our prize letter was rejected. Sighhh... Why la.. I was just excited to go. Then for sky venture we were supposed to have a try, but when we went to the counter we had to wait another hour and of course we were chasing time, so in the end we didn't rry out sky venture.

So in that case I'm giving away 4 tickets for experiencing Sky Venture worth RM50 each. Its gonna expire on the 31/12/13 so I'm just giving it away ASAP. So anyone who is planning to go to Genting and wants these tickets make sure you leave me a note. If the response is massive I'll just select anyone who I want.

So whatya waiting for, hurry up and let me know of you want these tickets. And please do follow me if you haven't followed my blog yet

p/s: these dolls really attracted me. There making a doll like you if you want at Genting

23 January 2013

Resorts World Genting Mobile App

Since the rapid use of smartphones, many apps also has been created to help users to do what they want more simply.

Resorts World Genting has launched an mobile app in the first quarter of 2012 and managed to get a download of 100,000 already.  So it shows that this app could really help to make things easy if you want to plan your vacation at Genting.

At the launch of Genting Mobile App we were introduced to the App itself. What you can do is you can actually book your hotel room just from this app and also get up to date with the latest promotions and and and if your also a World Club Memeber, you can manage your points just from this app.

We also had a try with this app. Thanks to RW Genting we were given a room to book for and also 2 pairs of tickets for the Theme Park and also Snow World.. Oh yeahhhhh..  BTW the speech from Dato Kevin Sim was really interesting though. I didn't even have a yawn.  

Okay back to the topic, compared from booking through Genting's website than Genting's mobile app, its much more simpler through the mobile app.

For more info about this app you can visit here

Anyways it feels good to back to blogging. This is my first event for 2013 and it was a great one!
And also, kalau nak pergi event memang kena ada makcik sebelah ni. Kalau tidak nanti tak ada semangat nak pergi event.

Again, Thank You so much Genting! For the past 2012 I've enjoyed all of your events and all of them are great. I surely jump up and down when I get an invitation from you guys. Thanks for all the great experience.


21 January 2013

Digi Challenge For Change

Hye peeps! Ever heard of Digi Challenge for change? If not your the same as me, I just discovered this yesterday and its seems something to worth a try.

Since I've been following Digi for the newest promotion, but still I haven't been able to get a Note II yet, HAHA.. belum ada rezeki lagi. And because of this I actually came across this competition.

What is this competition about?

Its actually for Malaysians to give out creatives ideas on what app could help make Malaysians live a better life. What app do Malaysian's really need? Any of you got some brilliant ideas? Why not give it a try. Just select a category and let your creativity burst!

Check it out at

Hoho.. Of course la I entered as well. Tapi tak adalah aim nak menang. Sekadar cuba nasib.

Firstly if you want to enter, your need to log in from either one of these methods below

Take note that only Malaysians 12 years and above only are allowed to participate in this contest

After signing in, just follow the steps required and then write down your ideas off your app. There is a word limit so make sure you choose your words wisely.

For me? What app did I recommend?

Panjang lebar karangan, tapi tak pasti ada orang boleh faham ke tidak. Bila dah terlalu excited and input terlalu banyak, choices of words to explain pun dah tunggang terbalik. So don't rush things like I did, take time and choose your words.

So once your done, there will be a page like this and you'll be able to be voted. Oh yeahh.. I forgot to mention that this contest also enable voting and you also need to vote for other people but you cannot vote yourself okay.

So who thinks my idea, well.. bolehlah diterima, silalah undi saya. HAHA.. Tak nak pun tak pe.

Alright, and the prizes? Of course you guys want prizes right? Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Okay, aku mengharapkan Note II je sebenarnya, so sebab tak ada Note II, tak bersungguh-sungguh la aku.

Anyway guys, those who are thinking to submit their entries, Good Luck!