02 December 2012

We're Buddyz, We're Never Apart.

We started of as strangers
Then we met each other everyday
One opened our mouths to start
All of a sudden we clicked
Soon enough we got closer
Then came the drama
The oldest was the guardian
The 2nd was fun trouble
The 3rd was annoyingly charming
The 4th was the sweet talker
And the smallest was babbler of the bunch
We had our laughs
We had our fights
We had our cries 
And now we're all far apart
But can that stop us?
We're Buddyz, We're Never Apart

It has been 3 years now
And IMMAN has been a major part of my life
We play, we joke, we go out and do stupid things
I always get tensed by them, but on the end their the ones who are there for me.
We are all far apart now, but how do we still stay connected?

Easy, by Digi Easy Prepaid Plan, it keeps us connected no matter how far apart we are
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So since this blogpost is about buddyz, I wanna share with you guys a video made by Jeycobs Leroy for our Pre Graduation dinner. Since we just graduated, it feels sad that everyone is apart now.


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