11 December 2012

A Debit Card as a Credit Card?

For those who are surfing into the internet most of their time you surely would be familiar with e-bay, mudah.com and so on so on. For those who love fashion will certainly be on pages selling clothing and wish that all of that could be yours. Its could be seen that nowadays people tend to make business online cause its more easy and affordable. But how are we gonna purchase if the only option is by having your own credit card?

For adults that are working there certainly will be no problem cause they surely will have their own credit card.  But for student? Young Adults? Those who are barely making their way, would they be able to have their own credit card? The most they could own is having a debit card.

What is the different of a Credit Card and a Debit Card? In simple words, credit card is money where you don't own yet and you need to pay back. While Debit Card is money that will be deducted from your personal savings.

I believe that everyone of you must have own a debit card since what I know Maybank no more offers bank books to their new sign ups.

So those who own a debit card like this, with the word VISA stated, your able to use your debit card to purchase items online, but first you will have to activate online banking first and the most simplest online banking there is now is Maybank2u.

What are the steps to activate online banking?
1. Register online banking at an ATM machine.
2. Register your account online. (make sure you take note of your username and password)
3. Register your phone no at any Maybank branch. (Its a must to enable you to receive TAC)

After that your done and ready to go

Having Maybank2u you will be able to make payments of bill online, buy top-ups, and even make payments to those who are selling stuffs online by transferring money to another account anytime you want.

But for enabling to buy things with ebay and so on, you will have to purchase a paypal account.
What is paypal? Well its actually a medium for you to use you debit card as a credit card since most of sites like this don't allow payment through debit card.

When you have signed up to paypal, here are the steps for you to do online shopping

1. Fill in your details, make sure you Address is correct, if not your item will not be delivered to you

2.  Do you see 'Profile'? Hover over it and click edit Credit Card and you will see this

Since I have updated mine and linked my Card with paypal, so it shows VISA, but for those who haven't you will need to update this and it requires your card number and Card verification number.

Your card number will be the 16 digit number at the front of your card
You Card Verification Number will be the 3 digit number at the back of your card just next to you signature.

3. When you have don all of that you will get verification emails and SMS

Take note that during all of the process above, make sure your phone with your registered number with the bank is beside you because you will be receiving TAC no for you to proceed every step.

Once you have done this, there will be no problem for you guys to shop online but be careful of your spending since your deducting money straight from your bank account.

Another thing I could add on is for maxis users, there is also maxis paypal which offers you more. Its more easy for you to pay your bills and there is also an app for that. The best part is that maxis has an maxis movie app where you will be able to purchase tickets from your own phone. Right now maxis is doing a promotion Buy 1 free 1 movie ticket and it was great. No need to hassle and line up for movie tickets.

I hope this blogpost has helped you for you online shopping solutions. Looking forward for your comments and opinions.


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