08 December 2012

My Biggest Fear

Try putting me in a dark room with no one in it, I'll go crazy just seeing pitch black and maybe I'll faint of fear. But what is my biggest fear so far? Loosing him maybe, LOL.

But eventually my biggest fear right now, and what I really can't stand are creepy crawlies. And not just any creepy crawlies, 

picture source from google

The most I can't stand is above the pyramid. SPIDERS. Really, I was once okay with it, and then 1 night in a dark room where I was sleeping, I felt something itchy at my head. So I turned on the bed lights and went to the mirror and how shocked was I when a big fat spider came crawling within my head. When I mean big, it is BIG. Try screaming as hard as you can in the middle of the night. Uhh.. Thanks Spiders. Now I am also afraid of the dark as well. Luck it wasn't a tarantula.

Since that day, I hate total darkness, never ever take me to a pitch black room. Including insects of whatever that crawls and you can imagine if its crawling at your body. Urghhhh...

Talking about Fears, those who watch TV will certainly now about FEAR FACTOR. I was a great fan of FEAR FACTOR before and I loved it when they had to eat disgusting things and of course face SPIDERS. HAHA... Now I'm laughing, what if that was me? I'll be crying hard I say. HARD.. HAHA..

So people, FEAR FACTOR is now in Malaysia. Wohooooo... 

Catch the handsome Aaron Aziz and the cute Elfira Loy and best of all Fear Factor is having a roadshow soon at Sunway Pyramid and you'll be able to win great prizes on the 15th and 16th Disember. Why? Cause “Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!"

So don't miss out, more info you can visit Fear Factor Malaysia and also don't miss out this 29th Disember at Astro Ria 9pm as the first episode will be shown at TV.

So are you guys ready to overcome your fears? I certainly AM not sure. HAHA.. I'll bet I'll freak out.


02 December 2012

Exceeded Upload Quota for Blogger

I know, I know I've been missing for a while right? I miss this blog so much, feels like ages since I last written anything here. Well, I've been working for 2 weeks now and currently everything seems fine, but somehow it is still hard for me.

Well, since today's a Sunday and I;m off work I've been longing to update my blog, then when it came to upload a picture I was unable cause blogger displayed that I have exceeded my 1GB quota and I had to buy more quota to proceed. WTF! $22.00 above US DOLLARS! And the best part is that I don't even own a credit card. So how am I able to upload pictures in the future?

So, it confused me how did bloggers who blogged for years now put up to this, did they pay? And I had never known that there was an upload quota before and I never heard of other bloggers that I knew had this problem. So for the solution I surely did use Mr. Google, the best solution fixer.

Then I found out that recently many bloggers have occurred this problem and it all started on April 2012. It seem that blogger is a free site, but picasa ain't since pictures upload in blogger are basely uploaded in Picasa. So what I read from the other bloggers solution is that first by upgrading that will cost you $. Then second by deleting photo's in your picasa album. But be careful cause if you wrongly delete, the old phot's in your blog will be deleted too.

So I tried deleting some of the error photo's I uploaded before and see it it works.

Ohsemmm.. Managed to upload, but I don't know when it will last. So I still need to find another solution of I still wanna upload photo's in my blog.

Anyone else having the same problem? Try sharing some solutions if you have. Will really do appreciate it.

So as you can see in the picture, these are my colleagues at work and for now I am the youngest of them all. Sometimes I do have a hard time cause I usually hang out with people my age, but now I'm the only kid here. But so far everything is okay, just I'm a little slow catching up since all I do is daydream.

P/s: Now I know working is completely different that studying, I can't risk a mistake.