05 November 2012

The Tribal Halloween Gathering with Nuffnang and Genting PART 1

As the Finale for the Genting's Reward Incentive Program, Genting held a 2D1N stay at Awana Longhouse Genting Highlands with tons of fun for those Nuffnangers who participated. I was also one of the lucky ones to be selected to join this great event.

I tell ya it was great fun and we won tons of prizes, me myself won prizes about 1k total by Genting. Wohoooo.. Can't wait to have super duber fun after this.

Anyways, I'll tell you more about this event soon. Wait for part 2 yaaa..

Bye peeps!



  1. murah rezeki sungguh kau dengan Nuffnnag

  2. miss you guys already.. rindu nak tidur sebilik ramai2 macam hari tu.. =(

  3. Kalau kita keja dengan genting terus tentu best kan :D


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