07 November 2012

Movie Review: Soar Into The Sun

Title: Soar Into The Sun / Return to Base (Korea)
Starring: Jeong Ji Hoon (Rain), Shin Se Kyung, Yu Jun- Sang, Lee Ha-Na
Director: Kim Dong Won
Genre: Action
Local Distributor: United International Pictures
Release date in Malaysia: 8 NOVEMBER 2012

Rate: 5/5

Thanks to Nuffnang and United International Pictures I got tickets to the Premier Screening of Soar Into The Sun.

For those who are fans of the Korean Actor from Full House and Ninja Assassin you guys will definitely want to watch this movie. I was jumping up and down since I've been a fan of Rain since high school and I don't know why he stills manages to charm me. LOL

Anyways, lets take a look at their trailer

For me, the movie wasn't dragging at all, the storyline was great, the actors were superb and the shots were fantastic.

They had comedy, really fun, the had drama, really sad, and they had action, really takes your feet of the ground.

For the sinopsis of the story I think you guys should just watch the movie, you won't regret it

Rain was a blast, feel like watching it again on the 8th.



  1. wow, ni peminat korea suka ni.. hehehe boleh la tumpang tengok nanti


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