28 October 2012

The Power of Pink

Well, I came up with the idea to write about pink today since I spent a few hours blogwalking through various blogs, most of them were the owners of a female blog. And what I can see that Malaysian female bloggers tend to love pink since the whole blog is pink.
I barely see colours like blue, green and yellow as the main colour of the blog. As you see mine, I tend to use purple and white, my all time favourite colours. I just added in a few colours for the background so it don't look so dull.
Anyways, back to the topic, I did a bit of research about the colour pink and the personality of the pink lovers.
The Meaning of Pink
Pink is mostly known as a feminine a colour, it means love, romance and comfort.

Personality of Pink
1. Loving, kind, generous, sensitive and in need of others
2. Friendly, approachable with a warmth that desires people to approach
3. Has a maternal instinct with the need to take care others, sometimes neglect yourself to take care of others
4. Very in touch with feminine including for men
5. Very optimistic
6. Methodical and organized, sometimes immature
7. Calm, non-violence that may cause shyness
8. Naivety, sweet, girlish & immature
9. Youthful appearance even with age

What People Have to Say About Pink
While browsing through the interner, I came across About.Com in the Psychology section where they posted about their readers view about the colour pink

Here are some that interested me

(this section below is fully coied paste from About.Com)

Pink is Heaven

Although green used to be my favorite color, pink has the strongest and deepest emotional influence to me. The color pink to me has a deeply joyful vibe to it. Like being "home". A familiar friendly place deep within everyone's heart where there are no worries, you are never lonely, you have everything in life that you ever wanted. You are loved and accepted by everyone. You feel as if you'll never get old. Anyone you've missed or lost in life, you are able to meet once again and rejoice. You feel one with the Universe and you know this special place will always exist.
—Guest Marcy7268

Pink makes prisoners insane

A study was done in prison. They divided the prisoners into 5 groups. Each group had to live in rooms that were 100% one color. Even the serving trays and clothes, sheets, toilets, everything. The prisoners in the blue and green rooms become more relaxed and slept more. The yellow prisoners were hard to settle. Some were happier, some were more irritated. Purple made them calm and relaxed. It's a healing color. Well the poor prisoners in pink pulled out their fingernails with their teeth, committed suicide, killed other inmates, self-mutilated, argued and fought constantly, and threatened the guards with death. Pink, on the one hand is a girls favorite color. On the other it's demonic.
—Guest Mark

Childish Much.? (YES)

This goes to Guest Dilbar and Guest blue - Well first of all, pink is not the worst color. It's not that bad. I used to love pink maybe because I was young, but now I'm in to blue but that doesn't mean I hate people who wear it or won't even wear a "speck of pink." That's just ignorant and stupid. IT'S JUST a color like seriously, I think y'all are being a little childish. Like saying you despise people who wear it or love that color… uhmm well really it's not that serious. Your favorite color is your favorite color you can't go through life not liking people because of stupid stuff like that. It's not cool. That's like saying I hate everyone with black hair or I hate everyone who likes pop tarts. That's not right at all… rather childish. I definitely don't like or dislike people based on the color they like pink makes me feel young and pretty and it makes me think of love and I like the color, it's just not my favorite. My room is actually pink I would rather it be blue but I don't really care :)
—Guest BrEaNnA BaBy:)

Info source found here

So back to my writing, none of this below are copied or pasted, I assure you that.
Okay then, you've read about Pink, so what do you think about pink? Do you agree with anyone of those comments above?

For me, I don't fancy pink and I don't hate pink. I don't think pink is heaven or pink is insane or even childish. I just think its just a colour. For me I can handle a little bit of pink, but too much pink, is a major no no for me. I don't hate pink lovers as well, and I don't like the pink haters either. Its true, pink does express the feminine side of a person, so maybe that's why most of Malaysian bloggers prefer to use the colour pink.
Well, to think of it, it really suites our culture since Malaysian women, I specifically mean the Malay women because we are seen as soft, gentle and full of the feminine side. But that doesn't mean they all have to love pink, I'm just saying that cause it makes complete sence why most female bloggers in Malaysia prefer to use Pink as their background.

Pink do have power don't ya think?

I don't know why, but most of my clothes are pink. Hehe..


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