27 October 2012

Genting Is Now On ANDROID!

Hello lovely readers! Shocked? Oh yeahhh.. Genting now is on Android! So you'll be able to get up to date with everything about Genting.

So what are you waiting for, download Genting Android on Google play right now and you'll be able to have a taste of these features.

Key Highlights
Find out who will be performing at Resorts World Genting, upcoming signature activities at our Resort, and view all the attractive packages we offer to our members and guests.

My Account
Check your membership profile on Genting and WorldCard Points, card and points expiry dates, and other relevant information in one consolidated view.

My Planner
Our recommended itinerary planning tool provides useful tips for visitors to our Resort.

Other features
You will be able to obtain information about our Hotels, Dining, Theme Park, Shows & Event, Getting There and follow the latest promotions and discussions on Resort World Genting’s Social sites. Our short text-based ticker tool delivers the next fun event and ad-hoc news right to the palm of your hand.

So peeps, huury up and check it out!



  1. Itulah pasal, semua menda kena express ni

  2. semoga dapat ke genting free
    see u there,haha
    *bajet konpem dapat pergi :(*

  3. Hahaha.. insyallah, kalau saya pun dpt pergi kita pergi sama :)

  4. eh, dah dapat invitation arini
    u dah dapat tak?
    amacam, join?

  5. ada member2 yg join jugak ke esok?
    see u there


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