02 October 2012

Focus While Driving

Helloooooooooooooooooooo peeps

Recently I had to complete a short Public Service Announcement (PSA) for my assignment and I was assigned as the editor and yeahhhh I was way so excited.

I don't know how but someway I got interested in editing and finally getting the chance to do it and get evaluated I really wanted to do my best.

But since I was loaded with assignments and final projects, this is the best I could do that could be submitted on time.

So how was it?
Yea.. I know, still no match with other editors out there but still this was my first attempt.
Credit to Jeycob that helped me with the suggestions and knowledge of Adobe After Effects, and also Alee Isa who helped me with the format for video assignments I manage to produce this.

So people, focus while driving cause distraction kills


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