13 August 2012

Genting Highland's New Snow World

Hey peeps, for those who has been to Genting recently must have known that Genting temporarily shut down the Snow World park due to construction. Well, you guys must me eager to know what changes Genting has to offer right?

The New Snow World is located at Level T2A, First World with a temperature  of -6°C and is also known as the Biggest Winter Wonderland in Malaysia with 22.8k sq ft to explore.

What does Genting offer in this New Snow World?

The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept

Experience walking down the streets of culture and heritage from different countries that offers an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery, an Italian Pizzeria, and also shops displaying Spanish Red Wine, Dutch Clogs and Swiss Chocolate. You'll be amazed when you walk through the streets as you'll see rhythmic lights twinkle from the window shops.

LED Light Animation Scheme

The lights will amazingly change from cherry daytime to magical nighttime. 

The Lookout Point

There will be many spots and corner inside that will have beautiful backdrops for photo opportunities. Climb up to the outlandish castle which is standing high up at the center of the podium were you will get a breathtaking view of the whole surrounding.

Warm House

Nestled in the snow covered hills is the warm house. You can take a rest in here for a couple of minutes before continuing to walk around.

So how much are the tickets for this snowy experience?

Ticket price is inclusive of jacket, boots, gloves and all sizes are subject to availability.
Normal (RM)
Genting Rewards Card (RM)
Child / Senior Citizen

Take note that express lane is not available

So what you guys waiting for, make sure to have a visit here when you come to Genting.



  1. vavava!
    boleh la try masuk sana nanti.
    buleh feel² mcm real ..
    tq info ye mira

  2. Hahaha.. Welcome Kak! Jom lah pergi sama2 :)


  3. Eh dah bukak dah ke? Baru ingat nak pergi sana dengan family raya ke-3 nanti. :)


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