11 August 2012


I've been longing for so long to write a post about this
It seems like I have a lot to say about this.

One of the basic rules of living and growing up is to have discipline
That is why your parents taught you to be disciplined at home and why teachers tell you to have discipline when your at school.
Please recall why you were trained to be disciplined when you were a kid?

Sometimes I just don't get some people.
The one's who don't seem like taking their lives seriously. Its okay if you tak menyusahkan orang lain with that attitude, what I mean is, disiplin ini yang membentuk diri kau.

First type of discipline is Time Management

I don't get people that can't keep track of their time. What I hate the most is the term of 'Janji Melayu' its okay for a person to wait for you for 1 or 2 hours, 'biasalah tu, janji melayu'.. yeahhh right, macam semua melayu macam tu. Disebabkan dah terlalu dimanjakan sangat with that term you guys take it so simple.

What happened to punctuality and meeting time? and deadlines? and and and whatever that has to do with time management. What happened to all that?
Yes! I am totally emotionally annoyed about this because I'm usually stuck at waiting for people for the past decade and it got even worse when I entered University.

I don't know why that some don't even feel guilty that people have to wait for them, its like they want us to respond to them and say "was the traffic jam so bad, YOUR HIGHNESS?"
To me time is very important, I hate wasting my time waiting for people cause I could have done a lot more with that time wasted waiting for YOU!

Please, don't make me more emotional, I'm just saying this cause somehow I just want answers why some people just don't care about discipline.

Like waking up early in the morning, solat and then sleep early at night.Why can't we seen that anymore?  Why do people nowadays are up all night, sleep all day? Why? And when meetings are done in the morning like 9am, everyone's like showing up at 10am with sleepy zombie faces, "uhhh.. ngantoknyaaaa.. tak cukup tidur ni" man? What you've been doing all night? Talking? Playing? It shows how low your discipline is.

Like doing daily chores, throwing out the rubbish, doing laundry, cleaning the house or so on. Ouhh yess.. you live at home, your mum's probably doing it, so what about when your in your hostel? or have your own home? Think people think! Its all about discipline.

There's so much more, but I so don't wanna get so emotional right now. Just saying...

You should kinda think about others you know cause somehow you without discipline, memang menyusahkan orang lain. I mean yang sangat sangat menyusahkan.

Anyways, I know some of you might strongly disagree with this, but its okay. I'm free for comments and opinions.



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