15 August 2012


Well, this is a very fast entry. I just got back from Bangsar with Hanis Nasuha. We went to this years Digi Buka Puasa at Cafe Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2 and we had the best of time. Just a bit disappointed cause Daniel Chiam didn't show up! Yes Room8Five! Haha.. Anyways, Thanks to Nuffnang and Digi for this opportunity.

Well, when it comes to food I'm the most excited one. Anyways the food was ok, the best part about this event was the games. First of all the was a tweet competition and then there was a draw something game that we had to guess what the digi staffs were drawing. I guessed 1 right so I managed to get a really cute Digi pendrive. OMAGAAAAADDDD.. I'm not letting anyone borrow it! Can't bear to loose this pendrive.

Another game was that we had to be in groups, I was in a group with Hanis, Jia Ying, Harris and Lyn from Digi.  We had a couple of games we had to do but we lost in the end though, but still it was fun, just look at us.

Today's event was a great one. Thank you Digi and Nuffnang once again. Hope to join more of this soon.


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