05 August 2012

Behind The Scene of Teater Lagenda' Photoshoot

Sorry blog sebab biarkan kau terbengkalai begitu lama, sibuknya bukan kemain lagi aku ni
Photoshoot sana sini..

Actually last week I've been busy settling errands for our Final Project Teater Lagenda.
I'll do an introduction of a post soon about Teater Lagenda

But for now I just wanna tell you guys that I have been appointed to be the coordinator for Marketing and Publicity with another one of my fellow classmate that is Nizam Ijam

Anyways, these are just some of the pictures, but cannot tunjuk semua okayssss.. Nanti pihak Documentasi marah sebab nak dimasukkan dalam buku program. So I masukkan I punya gambar sahaja. Ngehngehngeh...

These are the rejected photo's. HAHA..
Ok GTG now. Got another thing running right now.
Bye peeps!



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