09 August 2012

Another New Look

Hey peeps..
This is just gonna be a short one.
Since Nuffnang has a brand new look on their website I thought of getting anew one too
Nuffnang your website is super awesome now, love the new look
While for me, my blog is still under construction
It might have a few changes in a couple of days, so its gonna get messy

So above here was my old layout
Down here is my new one

So what do you guys think?
Well for now I'm not gonna able to finish it completely cause I am really busy right now
Today I managed to change my layout cause I got 1 day MC not because of eye infection but cause my asthma. Doctor said I need rest and I couldn't manage to do that so much.

Anyways, please leave a comment on my new layout
What you guys think?


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