31 August 2012

Genting's Bubbles and Bites

Introducing to you guys one of Genting's newest restaurant, Bubbles & Bites that opened on the 4th of July this year.

It is located at Highlands Hotel at Level 2 and has a great and relaxing enviroment

Here are some of the reasons why you should drop by

Signature Dishes :

Pizza Carnivore 

Pizza Carbonara
Home-style Macaroni & Cheese
Al Dente Spaghetti
Our ‘Simply Fresh’ Burger
Parmigiano Burger
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Fish and Chips

Braised Lamb Shank
Whole Roasted Kampung Chicken
Traditional Tiramisu
Trio of International Dough Fritters
Signature Hot Chocolate
So if your heading to Genting soon, why not try some of their specials here.


23 August 2012

The Magicians of Gentings International Magic Festival 2012

If you guys been keeping track I already introduced to you guys about this in this post
Anyways, for today I'll introduce you guys to the superstars of this Magic Festival

Take note that all the details down here are provided from Genting themselves.

DEAN GUNNARSON “World's Greatest Escape Artist”

Dean became the only escape artist in History to be presented with "The Houdini Award" and acknowledged as being the "World’s Greatest Escape Artist" on television in Japan. He Became the youngest person and first Canadian to be awarded the U.C.T. "Humanitarian of the Year" in 100 years for his devotion to raising money for various charities & he was chosen out of 185,000 people nominated in North America. 

Monumental Awards

•Voted as one of the Top variety acts in the World on the television show "Belie Frisca" in Italy.

•Holds two World Records for his escapes

•Jan 8,2012 The Chinese Government gave Dean an award as The World's Top Escape Artist on a Live TV show in China.

•Dean Gunnarson has been seen in over 165 countries around the world performing his amazing escapes.

•Headline Two major N.B.C. TV Specials " World's most Dangerous Magic I and II" with his escapes.

JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning “The Grand Illusionist”

Jc Sum and Magic Babe Ning are the best Illusionist in Asia at current times. JC Sum and Ning will be bringing their unique illusions down to the show and perform

something unconventional for the crowd as the finale for the show itself. They are the currently holding the Merlin Award Medal for Asia's Premier Illusionists.

Monumental Awards :

•"Patrons of Magic" Award (2012), International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115

•"Largest Mind Reading Feat: 100 Minds in 60 Minutes" (2012) International Brotherhood of Magicians (U.S.A)/ Singapore Book of Records

•Merlin Award "Most Original Illusionist of the Year" (2009), International Magicians Society

•Merlin Award "Most Original Female Illusionist of the Year" (2009), International Magicians Society

•"Most Number of Grand Illusions Performed in 5 Minutes" (2009) International Brotherhood of Magicians (U.S.A)/ Singapore Book of Records

•"Master of Magic" (2005) International Festival of Magic, Bangladesh
• Linking Ring Awards (1999) International Brotherhood of Magicians (U.S.A

Charlie Frye & Co World’s Best Variety act

Charlie Frye & Company remain one of the best in the business. The silent Frye, who moves like Charlie Chaplin but looks like Dick Van Dyke, juggles to good effect despite the minimal support from his company, in this case spouse Sherry who is more concerned about keeping her nails filed than helping her hapless hubby. This vaudeville-rooted performance always evokes a strong reaction

Monumental Awards :

•Voted Specialty Act of the Year in Las Vegas when we starred in the Folies Bergere in , Las Vegas.

•First place winners in Search for Gold competition at the Riviera Hotel in , Las Vegas.

•Major television appearances in over 30 countries.

•Have been invited numerous times to perform for the Royal Family in Monaco.

•Worked as the opening act for Liza Minnelli.

•The only act to have starred in "The World's Top Shows", which was a television show shown all over the world, produced by Gary Oullette (producer of World's Greatest Magic) around the same time they were doing The World's Greatest Magic.

Christian Lindeman “Europe's Best Pick Pocket”

Christian Lindeman is the Artist of the Year / Europe Award (best variety act) & is a pickpocket artist in the famed Cirque de Soleil in Germany. Christian combines pick pocketing with funny humor and engages the crowd in a fun time.

Monumental Awards

•Artist of the Year / Europe Award (best variety act)

 one and only magician at Cirque du Soleil (Headliner)

Chipper Lowell “Stage Comedy Magician of the Year”

Chipper Lowell is The Winner for the Magic Castle's Comedy Stage Magician of The Year. His shows display a wide variety of magic and vaudeville skills blended with stand-up and Improvisational comedy.

Monumental Awards

•Two-Time "Comedy Magician of the Year!" - International Magicians Society ( IMS , 2008,2009 )

•"Specialty Act of the Year!" - Tahoe Tribune ( 2010 )

•Among the "Top Funniest Magicians Performing Today" - Magic Magazine ( 2009 )

Recently nominated for "Most Hilarious Variety Comedian" - L.A. Comedy Awards (Awards show takes place March. 6th 2012 )

Nestor Hato “France's Card Manipulation Champion”

Nestor Hato who is the French National Card Manipulation Champion. He became very popular with his card manipulation act a high speed, a high energy stage performance – one of the most awarded act.

Monumental Awards

•Siegfried and Roy Grand Sarmoti Award winner , Las Vegas ( 2007 )

•National French Manipulator Champion ( 2004 )

•Appolo Dusseldorf Theater Resident Entertainer ( 2007 )

•San Remo Casino National Entertainer ( 2008 )

Sos & Victoria Petrosyan “World’s Best Quick Change Act”

Sos and Victoria are the names of the most famous Quick Change artist in Europe and in the world. This award winning husband and wife team called “The New Generation of Quick Change”.

Monumental Awards

•Twice World Champions of Quick Change Illusion - Guinness World Book, London

•The Best Cabaret Duo of the World 2008 - World Magic Awards, Los Angeles, USA

•The Fastest Quick Change Magician a World - International Marlin Award, New York

•Germany - Guinness World Records Winners in High-Speed Costume Changes Illusion 16 costumes in just 120 seconds

•China - Guinness World Records Winners in High-Speed Costume Changes Illusion 12 costumes in just 60 seconds

•Italy - Guinness World Records Winners in High-Speed Costume Changes Illusion - 12 costumes in just 60 seconds

Sos & Tigran Junior “World's Youngest Manipulation Artists”

Tigran & Sos Junior are the son of Sos and Victoria are the names of the most famous Quick Change artist in Europe and in the world. Before the boys were old enough to speak or walk their father taught them pantomime, dance, juggling and magic.

When Sos Junior turned age 10 in 2006 he competed in Prix Juventa Magica in Berlin Germany. During this competition Sos Junior was honoured with the manipulation act 1st place trophy. Along with two standing ovations from the audience he also won the coveted people’s choice award and the Wonder Prize by Gerd zu Klampen, an award title that Sos Jr. will hold for two years. Normally these awards are presented to artists ages 14 and over making this another first for Sos Junior.

So for more information you can visit here http://www.rwgenting.com/en/entertainment/2012/gimf/index.htm


21 August 2012

Syawal 2012

Hye peeps, so hows your raya?
Mines good, not so happening but okay, still had a family gathering, but not all were there.

Usually raya ada tema warna right?
So u guys punya tema warna apa?
Mines pink again.
Mum just loves this colour

Just a simple baju kurung for me this raya, 

Inilah keluarga Dr. Shaiful
See.. All pink, except for dad though. Won't match his skin.. hehe

Family portrait this year
And and my sister is not taller than me okay, she is simply standing in the front than me

Family belah mak
Ruih rendah rumah
But not all balik tahun ni :(

Sedara mara belah ayah.. tema pun sama tahun ni

And this kid. Err..
Melalak je kerja, xleh pisah dengan mak bapak..
But comel right dengan muka penyek macam ni?

Anyway guys, selamat hari raya! 

18 August 2012

Happy Eid Dear Blog Readers

To dear blog readers
Thank you for faithfully being my blog reader
I really appreciate it much
So during this Eid
Just wanna Say
Happy Eid Everyone!
Have a great one
And forgive me for all of my mistakes all this time that I have been blogging


17 August 2012

Genting's International Magic Festival 2012

Hello bloggers,
Here's something to share with you guys for the latest activities in Genting

From 18th August till 9 September at Genting's International Showroom there will be a show from Magicians at the Genting International Magic Festival 2012 at 9.00pm.

This extravagant performance will be preformed by Magicians that will totally amaze you. So don't miss out to see these award wining Magicians doing the incredible things they do.

So who are they? Wait for the next post.


15 August 2012


Well, this is a very fast entry. I just got back from Bangsar with Hanis Nasuha. We went to this years Digi Buka Puasa at Cafe Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2 and we had the best of time. Just a bit disappointed cause Daniel Chiam didn't show up! Yes Room8Five! Haha.. Anyways, Thanks to Nuffnang and Digi for this opportunity.

Well, when it comes to food I'm the most excited one. Anyways the food was ok, the best part about this event was the games. First of all the was a tweet competition and then there was a draw something game that we had to guess what the digi staffs were drawing. I guessed 1 right so I managed to get a really cute Digi pendrive. OMAGAAAAADDDD.. I'm not letting anyone borrow it! Can't bear to loose this pendrive.

Another game was that we had to be in groups, I was in a group with Hanis, Jia Ying, Harris and Lyn from Digi.  We had a couple of games we had to do but we lost in the end though, but still it was fun, just look at us.

Today's event was a great one. Thank you Digi and Nuffnang once again. Hope to join more of this soon.


13 August 2012

Genting Highland's New Snow World

Hey peeps, for those who has been to Genting recently must have known that Genting temporarily shut down the Snow World park due to construction. Well, you guys must me eager to know what changes Genting has to offer right?

The New Snow World is located at Level T2A, First World with a temperature  of -6°C and is also known as the Biggest Winter Wonderland in Malaysia with 22.8k sq ft to explore.

What does Genting offer in this New Snow World?

The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept

Experience walking down the streets of culture and heritage from different countries that offers an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery, an Italian Pizzeria, and also shops displaying Spanish Red Wine, Dutch Clogs and Swiss Chocolate. You'll be amazed when you walk through the streets as you'll see rhythmic lights twinkle from the window shops.

LED Light Animation Scheme

The lights will amazingly change from cherry daytime to magical nighttime. 

The Lookout Point

There will be many spots and corner inside that will have beautiful backdrops for photo opportunities. Climb up to the outlandish castle which is standing high up at the center of the podium were you will get a breathtaking view of the whole surrounding.

Warm House

Nestled in the snow covered hills is the warm house. You can take a rest in here for a couple of minutes before continuing to walk around.

So how much are the tickets for this snowy experience?

Ticket price is inclusive of jacket, boots, gloves and all sizes are subject to availability.
Normal (RM)
Genting Rewards Card (RM)
Child / Senior Citizen

Take note that express lane is not available

So what you guys waiting for, make sure to have a visit here when you come to Genting.


11 August 2012


I've been longing for so long to write a post about this
It seems like I have a lot to say about this.

One of the basic rules of living and growing up is to have discipline
That is why your parents taught you to be disciplined at home and why teachers tell you to have discipline when your at school.
Please recall why you were trained to be disciplined when you were a kid?

Sometimes I just don't get some people.
The one's who don't seem like taking their lives seriously. Its okay if you tak menyusahkan orang lain with that attitude, what I mean is, disiplin ini yang membentuk diri kau.

First type of discipline is Time Management

I don't get people that can't keep track of their time. What I hate the most is the term of 'Janji Melayu' its okay for a person to wait for you for 1 or 2 hours, 'biasalah tu, janji melayu'.. yeahhh right, macam semua melayu macam tu. Disebabkan dah terlalu dimanjakan sangat with that term you guys take it so simple.

What happened to punctuality and meeting time? and deadlines? and and and whatever that has to do with time management. What happened to all that?
Yes! I am totally emotionally annoyed about this because I'm usually stuck at waiting for people for the past decade and it got even worse when I entered University.

I don't know why that some don't even feel guilty that people have to wait for them, its like they want us to respond to them and say "was the traffic jam so bad, YOUR HIGHNESS?"
To me time is very important, I hate wasting my time waiting for people cause I could have done a lot more with that time wasted waiting for YOU!

Please, don't make me more emotional, I'm just saying this cause somehow I just want answers why some people just don't care about discipline.

Like waking up early in the morning, solat and then sleep early at night.Why can't we seen that anymore?  Why do people nowadays are up all night, sleep all day? Why? And when meetings are done in the morning like 9am, everyone's like showing up at 10am with sleepy zombie faces, "uhhh.. ngantoknyaaaa.. tak cukup tidur ni" man? What you've been doing all night? Talking? Playing? It shows how low your discipline is.

Like doing daily chores, throwing out the rubbish, doing laundry, cleaning the house or so on. Ouhh yess.. you live at home, your mum's probably doing it, so what about when your in your hostel? or have your own home? Think people think! Its all about discipline.

There's so much more, but I so don't wanna get so emotional right now. Just saying...

You should kinda think about others you know cause somehow you without discipline, memang menyusahkan orang lain. I mean yang sangat sangat menyusahkan.

Anyways, I know some of you might strongly disagree with this, but its okay. I'm free for comments and opinions.


09 August 2012

Another New Look

Hey peeps..
This is just gonna be a short one.
Since Nuffnang has a brand new look on their website I thought of getting anew one too
Nuffnang your website is super awesome now, love the new look
While for me, my blog is still under construction
It might have a few changes in a couple of days, so its gonna get messy

So above here was my old layout
Down here is my new one

So what do you guys think?
Well for now I'm not gonna able to finish it completely cause I am really busy right now
Today I managed to change my layout cause I got 1 day MC not because of eye infection but cause my asthma. Doctor said I need rest and I couldn't manage to do that so much.

Anyways, please leave a comment on my new layout
What you guys think?

05 August 2012

Behind The Scene of Teater Lagenda' Photoshoot

Sorry blog sebab biarkan kau terbengkalai begitu lama, sibuknya bukan kemain lagi aku ni
Photoshoot sana sini..

Actually last week I've been busy settling errands for our Final Project Teater Lagenda.
I'll do an introduction of a post soon about Teater Lagenda

But for now I just wanna tell you guys that I have been appointed to be the coordinator for Marketing and Publicity with another one of my fellow classmate that is Nizam Ijam