02 July 2012

Nestle's Prize Money

Hell Hello Hello
Just a short post today guys..

As you fellow followers already knew, I won Nestle's 100 Year's Competition as the May Winner for one of the best videos.

I just claimed my prize last week at MediaCliq at Soho KL.

The amount is big right? Try slpitting it into three. That's the amount that I got

Hehe.. Anyways, syukur Alahamdulillah kerana dimurahkan rezeki untuk memenang pertandingan ini.

So for those who missed out, once again here is the video

And congratulations to Syafiq Ismail and also Khairul Ariffin as the videomans.
I only did the editing



  1. woahhh!! congrats kembar !! lepas ni bole belanja nie :P hehe

  2. hahaha... duit dah habis dah beli phone


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