02 July 2012

Induction FFTA

I know.. I know.. Baru sekarang aku nak muncul update blog kan?
Huhuhu.. Sorry readers.. Nak kata busy sangat xadalah, just masa update aku telah dicuri minggu ni untuk memberi ruang kepada program induksi.
Aku kena induct sekali lagi ..

Actually I'm the one who is inducting since I'm in my final semester and it has been a tradition for our faculty for final semester students to induct juniors.
To be honest, I'm not so into the senior and junior thingy and I am really lazy to join actually but I gained all my strength and said to myself, I'm gonna miss out on something really great.
In the end I was right! It was super!
I was also given duty to become the multimedia team with Jeycobs and Atika Ahmad.

So I am going to go roughly through what happened during the induction program. Our program started this week from Monday till Saturday every night.
The first day of induction, 30 minuets before the program started the whole Puncak Perdana blacked out!
Wt!#@#$% right? But still we all went down in the dark and still gathered until we managed to gather all the seniors first. Just as soon as the juniors were brought upstairs to officially meet us the lights turned back on and we were wohoaaaaaaaa... Allhamdulillah, program dapat dijalankan seperti dirancang.
So as you can see, the people in red are us the seniors while the ones sitting on the floor are the juniors. Actually there are a lot more of seniors than in the picture itself.

That night, we were suppose to introduce ourselves to the juniors. Most of us gave fake names. Dollah, Peah, all those funny names semua keluar. Me? I introduced myself as Alia Adnan twin sister to Alissa Adnan. Hehehe.. See.. Don't we look the same? So we are generally twins without the same blood type.

Then on the 3rd night, we introduced all our juniors to all our seniors before we became seniors. You see all the people sitting down on the chairs, there are all over the place till the back of the hall, all of them are our seniors including our super duper seniors and also their juniors. Our juniors are the ones wearing blue sitting on the floor. That night was great cause everyone seemed to be entertained. Thanks to all the seniors that sacrificed a bit of their time to show up that night.

The last night was really something memorable, it was the fifth night with our juniors and we did a prank on them. We called out the lucky juniors who's birthday was on the month of June scolded, yelled, and make them feel guilty. It was really bad though, some even cried. Most of the seniors were blaming the juniors and saying mean things. I didn't say anything cause I was too busy taking pictures.

In the end, we threw a mixture of water, flour and eggs at them. Then all of us sang 'Happy Birthday' to them and all started laughing and some also gave out tears. Then Leila Khalid came out with a cake with some seniors and gave to the birthday boys and girls.

The next morning, that was our last activity together for this week. We had some group activity that was playing blindfolded. Of course my Mr. Bignose was there since he is also one of the seniors, he keep making fun of me cause I don't look like a senior cause I'm too short. Haaaa.. Hambek kau sebijik.. Teleng kepala kau aku buat. Haha.. Thankfully all the juniors were already blindfolded that time.

You see.. you see.. 
We had so much fun. The seniors had all the fun bullying the juniors. I was one of them, since I'm not attached to any group during this game, my job was to take pictures. But at the same time I distracted the juniors game. I tried to tear there chain apart cause in this game juniors are supposed to hold tight to each other and only hear what their mentor tells them to do. But I butted in and told them to crawl, to stop, to jump, cause they don't listen carefully that's why they were gamed. But some were good, they knew that my voice were not their mentor so they did not follow my instructions.

Uwwwwwww.... So guess what the just dipped there hands in to?
At first I was wondering the same question cause the smell is just disgusting, so I asked the one who made. It was a mixture of guava, orange, mango and eggs.
Try smelling it.. That's not all that we told the juniors to hold, there were belacan, eggs and a lot of smelly things. 
So roughly that was what happened, I'll update about it more soon
Just wait for the performance night.
We have two weeks before the show.
Wish us luck for the final performance in front of our dean where 10 groups of juniors will compete each other for the best performance.

p/s: Looked back at the old albums and found this picture below, it was our time when we were inducted by our seniors. Muka part 1 dulu. Lain tak?


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