22 July 2012

Buntalians from Kampung Buntal

Buntalians from Kampung Buntal?
Ada eh Kampung tu kat Malaysia ni?
khekhekhe.. itulah nama kampung kami untuk program Reinvention pelajar semester 1.
Apa itu program Reinvention, you guys can check out blog Timbalan Pengarah kami untuk program tersebut that is Aleena Isa.

Anyways back to the Buntalians. They are actually my juniors from my group with  Atikah Ahamd, Eyqa RazakIezah Diyana, and Efan Arif, there actually there are a lot more but we were the ones that usually show up.

As I told you in the post before we had to come up with a performance for the big night where we introduce our juniors to all our Faculty members including the Dean himself.
So our group got the Bollywood theme where they had to dance in Bollywood style. But you must be asking why are they wearing Batik? Cause at the same time we had to include the Kampung theme as well.

So down here you can see how the performance went

The sound quality is not so good though and you can see that the dance is kinda messy, but actually these kids are really good just I think that they are a bit nervous. But still they tried their best.
But here the video is during their practice.

You see the difference right? Well I'm still proud with them, they dance more better than me though. Just nak kata aku terkilan sikit dengan well one of them, I know Induction may not be the favourable programme for most people but still you don't have to lie to get your way out. I know actually that your just giving excuses cause I'm certainly sure that your not from Sekolah Seni. And your giving so much excuses to skip practice but its okay, you did come did ya? Just I can't take people lying that's all. 
The others were fantastically superb! <3<3<3 .. Thanks mostly to Apis the group leader. I know you had a hard time calling everyone and making sure they came. And also to the others who bore exhaustion and still came to practice every night.

And here is our batch performance.
Zhaf, Nazli, Mieyo, Fizi, Tharwa, Aisyah, Nadia, Daniella, Dea and Alee did a great performance by mixing all of our performances during our time when we got inducted into one performance. It was great!

And these were our seniors that inducted us. They still to the effort and came to join us and see our programme. Thank you.

So the night ended well, the other performances were fantastic especially Kumpulan Dangdut!



  1. Just so you know, it's Program Reinvention. There's no direct translation in Bahasa. But I love this post anyway ! :D

  2. Sorry laaaaaaaa... Dah betulkan pun.


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