12 June 2012

Semester 5

Yeayyyyyy... Final semester has finally come
I'm a senior now
HAHA.. seniorla sangat, orang tengok aku macam budak-budak lagi

So this semester is really important
The last valuation for me to go to degree
This semester I got a showcase upcoming
And I'm so nervous

I came back to UiTM Puncak Perdana 2 days before registration
I was the first one home

Knock knock
Whos there?
Only Me

See.. berdebu gila rumah.. Aku sakit jiwa dibuatnya.. So gigihla aku beli mop, mop lantai kasi bersih

This is my room
The upper bunk
The best place to sleep
I mean it, never want to leave that bed

And of course the most important place during my studies
My study table
Mostly me at that chair all the time

Anyways, just a short post today
Haven't met my classmates yet, so no pictures
Maybe soon to update 



  1. baru tau tiap-tiap sem akak jadi org 1st yg sampai. mcm2 nenek moyang habuk kena hadap -,-

    btw, ceceh dah senior!

  2. hahaha... selalunya entry mcm ni kak yaya yang post.. tetiba cikcit yg post.. rasa mcm akward sikit. hehe

  3. Ada my katil laaaa on you blog !



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