26 June 2012

Nuffnang's Party Astro On The Go

Me got another chance to go to paaaaarrrrtttttaaaaaayyyyyy with us bloggies
All thanks to Nuffnang and also Churp Churp
Party is time is Astro On The Go
Where Astro is introducing to us their newest application, that will get you all extremely excited

So the party was at The Pool Kuala Lumpur
You see, you see.. a pool there
the crowd was major
I kinda felt a bit awkward for a bit but then I blended in
I'm so used to situations like this

So here is the section where the astro people showed us how to install and use the application
For your info, Astro On The Go is an application where you can watch Astro anywhere you are
All you need to do is be an astro subscriber and have smart gadgets like laptops, ipad, smartphones like i-phones, (for android coming soon).
So the processes are really simple
But I'll tell you in another post soon
With complete details how to do it.

This is me and Hanis's big sister
She drove us here
Thanks to her I arrived here at the first place
Astro also gave us goodie bags
We also got cool gadgets from astro

So these are some of the bloggers that came, Cik Lily Putih, Pen Merah, Hanis and a lot of famous bloggers which I don't know so much. I really need to start blogwalking often. I don't know people.

See.. its Germany Versus Malaya
Hehe.. I'm with Kak Anne, authour of Pen Merah.com

Adam was our host for tonight

Then here's Hanis
The party was awesome
but I didn't get to stay long
Me so sad... :(

Cause I car pooled someone else's car so I had to follow her
But its okay
At least I still got the chance to go go a while right

So since I went back early
I managed to ask Mr. Bignose to come pick me up at PKNS Shah Alam
Cause on the same night UiTM also had a big event
That is FFVPM
Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia yang ke 9

So I went to FFVPM with a football jersey
Will update about that soon

Till then



  1. patutla tetibe MIA ye.
    balik awal rupanya

  2. itulah.. x sempat nak tegur apa2 pun.. :(

  3. cikcit skrg active dgn benda2 ni, good (:

    eh, pegi ke FFVPM? tak nampak ponggg?

  4. cikcit kat tingkat 3.. kan pelajar mmg kena ddk kat tingkat 3

  5. kemain hang naaa...tak ajak pun ;(

  6. hahaha.. aku tak tau nak ajak sape wehh.. sorry beb.. next time aku ajak kau eh


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