17 June 2012

Nuffnang's & Genting's Charity Movie Screening

Hye guys!

So on the 1st June I went to Nuffnang's & Gentings Charity Movie Screening at Genting Highlands

We had a blast and having fun and doing charity at the same time

We watched the screening with a whole bus of orphans.
Our first activity was breakfast
My stomach was really rumbling
Thanks to Starbucks who sponsored us breakfast for that day

So after breakfast we went straight to the cinema
If we were excited of course the kids were more excited
We watched MIB3 in 3D
I've actually watched it before the screening so here is my review 

After screening we all headed to have have lunch

I was walking in and I was like.. Waaaaaaaaaaa
All food and the dessert....

And I was a happy girl
I ate 2 plates of spaghetti and other plates of food
It was delicious!
After lunch,
Then only did we get the chance to talk to the kids and give us our presents
Bloggers also got a goodie bag and a certificate for joining the event

Some of the bloggers that also participated was HanisNisa FuziPutraCik LilyKak Rubi and also Nisa Kay. There were many more bloggers but I didn't now most of them.

Then after lunch we all got passes to ALL PARK, means that we all got to play at Genting's Outdoor Theme Park and also Indoor's Theme Park. We so are lucky, HAHA.. I've been longing so long to play here and finally I get the chance. Its like a dream come true.. HAHA..

So most of us got divided, I went around with Alee, Hanis & Bro, Nisa Fuzi and Putra. We so wasted time at Dinosaur land with the long que, but we were lucky we got a ride on the roller-coaster.

Its been a while since I went on the roller-coaster and I finally found out that I was not so strong as before. I kinda got scared. We didn't manage to ride on most of the games since the long que. But we did get to try the flying-coaster, the ride where you float like superman. It was great!

So thank you Nuffnang and Genting for this awesome event
Hope there is more soon
So looking forward to it.


  1. ada gambar aku !!! hihihihihihi :D

  2. gambar kau memang ada la doh! HAHA

  3. I didn't get to join this event but it looks really fun lar~ :D

  4. Yesss.. it was really fun.. There is still next time. I bet there are more great activities waiting for us

  5. serious tak puas hati lagi sampai skang duk buang masa kat dinosor land tu. haha

  6. Hahaha.. rileks Nisa.. Next time dah tawu nak main apa


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