15 June 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 7)

Chapter 6
Genting Strawberry Park

For those who missed Chapt 1Chapt 2Chapt 3Chapt 4Chapt 5Chapt 6
Genting's Strawberry Park

It was my first time there and I was like, yeayyyyyyyyy....

So this is how the farm looked liked
Most of the bloggers went inside to pick strawberries but I was walking around looking at the place
The place is really nice

So mostly here are the bloggers that went, during my stay there I was kinda more close to the Malays but then I kinda regret it cause the Chinese were actually really friendly. I got the courage to talk to them just soon as we were going back home.

So the in the man with the white shirt is Daniel really friendly, nice guy, then there's the boy in black beside me, its Nazrul, got close to him during our way back to Klang and he has a lot of amazing stories to share. Some of the kinda made me laugh hard. Then if I'm not mistaken the chinese in blue is Terrance and I kinda forgot the girls names. Someone please give me their blog links.

Then the picture below them are PutraKak Rubi, and Nisa Fuzi. I have already mentioned them in the earlier post.

The strawberry park was big actually, not only there was a strawberry park but there was also a mushroom farm, and lots of shops to buy suveniers and fresh vegetables. You should try their products there, really tasty like their Ice-cream, their tea and much more.

This is Lin from Genting. 

And here is Anne and Daren form Nuffnang. Sweet kan diaorg ni? Hehe..

So it was such a great adventure I had with the bloggers, team Nuffnang and team Genting.
It was such a great experience

Thank You so much again to Nuffnang and Genting for this opportunity,
I have learned so much and I have started to appreciate me as being a blogger.
Now blogging do really seems fun.


  1. The girl on my left is Maisarah (http://mycrap.tumblr.com/) and the one beside her is Eunice (don't have her blog url also)

    Enjoy your weekend! :D

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  2. ni last chapter ke mira ?
    pucat gila muke org..

  3. Thanks Daniel

    Nisa: last chapter dahh

  4. Fuhh, Mira dah settle entry la. Hee :)


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