10 June 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 6)

Chapter 6
Invasion of the leaches

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We had to wake up early the next morning
The fresh air at Genting made my spirits high
Breakfast was heaven
I ate till my stomach was full
and I was a fool
cause today's activity was dreadful.

Cause it was the most challenging event ever

We went through Awana Eco Trail, we went through the woods at Awana Genting as long as 3.8km.

Yes 3.8km climbing hills through the woods and it was exhausting yet very exciting.

First of all we were required to gather at the Awana Long House to warm up

Then we were given our mission for the Eco Trail.
We were given 5 water bottles to cary each, then we were to carry 5 little fishes till the end of the Eco trail.

That was a challenge I tell ya but thank god Darren was in our group, he was the man that carried those little fishes and most of the other stuffs.

So the night before was raining so that morning we went in a damp eco trail and when its damp that is when all the leaches came out.

At first I was not so caring about the leaches issue until one got stuck on my butt.
Yeahh.. The first leach that ever got stuck to me got stuck on my butt. Really nice postion to choose leach. But again, I'm grateful that I wore sweat pants that day so it didn't even get near my skin.

The trail was long and along the way you could hear people screaming

"ahhhhhh... leach!" than most of them get board of screaming since every 10 minutes there's a leach that gets stuck on you.

The trail was long I tell ya, I was out of breath and with the invasion of the leaches I really wanted it to finish quickly.

Then without expectation we finally reached to a place that put smiles to everyone, Guess what.

The was a waterfall here and the water was freaking refreshing

We took a rest there for several minutes, I was releaved with the cold water flowing trough my feet.

See... my pretty converse is destroyed by those leaches
Tips: Don't wear converse shoes during challenging activities like this. They don't grip to well so you are potentially able to get hurt.
I actually fell don several times doing this activity cause my shoes are slippery.

Chilling out with Nisa Kay and Hanis
Tired faces but still long way to go 

We were on that trail about 3 hours or more and it was really3 exhausting.  Finally when we reached the end, I was like Hooraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Finally it ended.
yes! finally food, let me have food.. HAHA

The eco trail was really an adventure and it also builds up group work.

The last activity was to plant our group tree
Tired but everyone still put all their effort in that tree.

I was glad I was able to participate in this activity cause it gave me a lot of experience especially dealing with leaches.

For those who are also interested in this activity  could call 03-6436 9000 for reservation and enquiries.

p/s: pictures credit to Hanis and Darren form Nuffnang


  1. pakai kasut getah je lain kali..lebih selamat.harga pun murah..9hinggit je..hee :)

  2. serious pakai kasut getah je?


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