05 June 2012

Movie Review Prometheus

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Suspens
Duration: 124 minutes
Prometheus is a film by legendary director Ridley Scott and takes a team of scientists to a distant planet in an attempt to discover the origins of mankind. But, in doing so they come in contact with something that could destroy the entire human race. They went searching for our beginning... What they found... Could be our end.

Rate: 6/10

This movie mostly questions about gods and creations. The Prometheus crew believes that in a planet that is almost similar to earth they will find their gods that created the humans. 
When the arrived at the planet they found mysterious gigantic hologram creatures that they claim to be their god but all of them were dead. When they carried out a scientific test they found out that their gods were actually humans.
But what happened to them was still a mystery till one of their crew found out that one of them are still alive and sleeping.
One of the crew was affected by a mysterious virus and starts turning into a monster and then start killing others while his wife carried a baby alien and operated herself to get the alien out of her womb.
In the end, the so to be god killed the crews and then the aliens kills the god. The survivor, a women and a robot did not go back to earth but to find where their gods came from.

The Prometheus Crew

David the Robot created to assist the mission

Overall, to me I found it rather boring and but still can be watched without falling asleep.
But those who loves aliens and mystery this movie is great for ya.

Just, I don't think that this movie is suitable for P13 cause it questions a lot about god and the creation of human beings.

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  1. Haha you find it boring and yet you still give quite a good rating :D not bad...

    True enough this movie is appealing to Alien and Ridley Scott fan... and of course the sci-fi lover.

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  2. I've give a high rating cause I still didn't fall asleep yet. HAHA.. Anyways my date last night found that movie so interesting so that's why I thought twice what rate I wanted to give

  3. dari ape yang kau tulis.aku dapat rasa cite ni memang tak best!.huu

  4. HAHA.. so jangan bazir duit kau pergi beli


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