02 June 2012

Hijabi Fashion Week May 2012 Day 4

Theme for day 4 is Travel Destinations

I know I was to update this 2 days ago but I was a bit busy

For me I love travelling
And yesterday I just got back from travelling
I like to got places where I could have fun, enjoy and relax
Theme parks are one of them

So my outfit for travelling is always the simplest and needed clothings
I'll wear a cotton square hijab since its the most comfortable one to wear
Then a t-shirt with a cardigan
Jeans are certainly the best for travelers
And not forgetting converse shoes. The one like school shoes.
Bag? I refer not so big or too small 
And it has two different ways to hold it

I carry all my need in that bag for travel, just in one bag only
I love it when travelling is easy and mostly outfits play a big role.


  1. meriah gila muka mira ! haha

  2. HAHA.. menunjukan kegembiraanyaaaaa.. HAHA

  3. haha yup meriah sungguh ghupenyer..its simple n nice :)


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