25 June 2012

Get Your Game On Genting with Robbie Fowler

Hye peeps..
So yeahhhh..
I went to Genting again this month
All thanks to Nuffnang and Genting for this opportunity

So now is totally football madness
People are all talking about Euro
To be honest I'm not such a fan of football
But still who doesn't want to miss a chance to spend time with one of football's legend

So you guys should know who I am happily with right?
Yes ladies and gentlemen it is Robbie Fowler

Wohoo I got a football jersey from Genting signed by the legend himself

Genting's trip this time, we got a chance to watch football live from Genting's International Showroom
We were also given a room to stay for 1 night at First World Genting
So great full that Hanis brought her boyfriend along, since I brought Mr. Bignose here, so it came easy for us to think about how to sleep that night.

I was freaking tired that night, since transportation this time was not supported we had to go up to Genting by ourselves
Me, and Hanis met up at KL Sentral since Genting's bus is provided there

If you guys want to go to Genting by bus look for Go Genting at KL Sentral
You can purchase your ticket at the 2nd floor o KL Sentral near Air Asia
One ticket per person that includes cable car is RM10.30
RM4.30 for bus and RM6.00 for cable car

It is better if you guys buy tickets for one way instead of 2 ways
Takut tekejar-kejar bila nak balik nanti

So when we reached to Genting
It was freaking cold this time
Maybe cause the bad weather
Kan jerebu kebelakangan ni

So we arrived for dinner first
We had our dinner with Robbie Fowler at Restaurant Kampung @ Resort Hotel
The food were okay

When I saw Robbie Fowler all I could do is smile
I don't know why I froze and also the others froze
But he seems like a shy guy
He seems like one

So after dinner we went back to our rooms
I was really tired and instantly fell asleep 
But then we still had to wake up at 2am cause the event starts at that time

The crowd was responsive that night
The Showroom was really massive and cool
The sound systems were great
and the place was really comfortable

We were give free drinks that night
And we watched Portugal and Germany win that night

The place was killing cold
But it was much happening than watching football at Mamak

There were also some slots with Robbie Fowler giving opinions about the game
It was already late night at Genting
Plus the chilling fresh air made my eyes heavy
Overall it was a total blast

Thanks again Nuffnang and Genting for this great event!
Hope to join more in the future

p/s: lupa nak letak link dekat nama



  1. Your old bf from next door back in London would be dead jealous if he reads this, haha! I remember he's an ardent Liverpool fan :-)

  2. who? the Pakistan? I forgot his name.. HAHA

  3. Indian lah. I think he's married already now because the last time I saw him and his family, he was already engaged while his sister, Irfana, was doing A-Levels

  4. ??? Can't remember one of them.. Maybe I was too little then. HAHA..


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