05 May 2012

What Makes You BEAUTIFUL

Have you ever felt like your nothing? You spend your free time browsing through Facebook and Blogs and see people spending their lives and making something out of their lives. But you? You are nothing close to them? Your not even good enough to be compared with them. Their social lives, their talent, their achievements, their career, their beauty most of all. You feel so low by all of that. Have you ever felt that way before?
I know I did.
But till when do you want to think like that? People are all made equally, that what I've heard. So what differs a person? Maybe how they feel about themselves I think. Maybe the rate of optimism that they have. Or maybe how secure they are with themselves. Each individual differs from all of that.
This song from One Direction is such a great song. Hear the lyrics and understand it.

So people out there, think again. If you feel so insecure about yourself, think about the other people that may think your such a great person. Think of the people who is killing to be at you right now. Maybe you don't know the reasons why but sometimes you don't even realize what you have become.
I'm not saying that you have to turn down people to make you feel great. I'm just saying have a little faith for yourself. Try that and maybe your upcoming days will be greater than you have ever had before.
To those who already feel so secure with themselves and brings people who don't seem to their standards so low. Think again, why do you have to do that in the first place? What bothers you so much that you have to do so mean things to people, unless your not satisfied with the life that person is having?
Think again bullies, the people you bully are more beautiful than you that's why you bully them. Beauty not only comes from the outside, but also from the inside.
Remember everyone, all of you are beautiful from the start, the only way your beauty reduces is by destroying it with your personality.
So don't feel insecure anymore, don't feel like your life is nothing. Its is worth something, that is why you live. Maybe now you maybe at the bottom of the wheel, but that all could change. Start with a little optimism in you.

What's my motive writing this post? I just want to remember myself that I to have something ahead of me and that insecure feeling I have should be replace with a little more of optimism.

I'm not judging anyone take note
Thanks for reading btw


  1. Haha, this is gonna be one personal and sad comment, I hope you don't mind.
    When compared social lives, talent, achievements, career and beauty: I don't have any. I've always been jealous of people- things that I'm good at are irrelevant. Or can't be understood.

    Now I treat everyone equally and greet all the time. If there are people who wish to be with me, I hope they're braver. But so far, I still feel ignored mostly.

    Hmm, maybe people just need more time to know me.

  2. I used to feel the same way as you did right now, but that doesn't mean your completely unaccepted from the society. Ur right! People do need to know you more, give them a chance to know you.
    Cheer up, be a little optimistic, do something that you really want to do.
    There is always someone for you, remember that.

  3. gile bapak entri dalam BI.


  4. HAHA... tak payah nak pengsan2.. nnt kena simbah dengan air.. hehe


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