18 May 2012

Tips For Henna

Henna is a persons name.
Actually I'm referring to Henna as Inai
For Malay, Indian, and Arabian of course henna is very familiar to their culture

Usually Henna is used for beauty
People use henna to colour their hair
To draw on their skins for special occasions
And henna could also be used as a medicine for swollen skin and other sorts

People nowadays don't use Henna pretty much as before cause we now have other things than Henna
Henna is not permanent and it only has one colour that is between orange, red, and black according to the mixtures you put in it.

People who are getting married usually seek for henna as henna is usually a tradition that the new newlyweds will have wearing on their wedding days.

As Malay culture is utterly based from the Hindu culture, so Malay and Indian ceremonies have some similarities to it as example as wearing henna.

A friend of mine is getting married and of course she still wants to follow the tradition and wear henna.

Since nowadays not many people are in the industry of henna so it is hard to find people with skills in designing henna patterns.

Luckily we found one out of luck

Since we are not living in the city so the price of the charge is not expensive than in the city.

Henna is made from henna leaves and a little water. Daun-daun ini ditumbuk sehingga lunyai. Then for the additional mixtures depends on the person making it on how the want the colour to turn out. Usually for more darker red colour some add tea powder in it. There are also many other ways, the henna from the picture is said to have a little mixture of eggs.

For those who have never worn henna before, the black pattern you see now is not the final product. You have to wait about an hour or two for the henna to dry first before you wash it.

So this is how the final product looks like.

Tips putting on Henna

1. Make sure you don't move a lot while someone is designing
2. Be patient
3. Wait until the Henna is completely dried
4. Don't wash the Henna after dried, peel it of with tissue of a napkin
5. Put baby oil after everything is peeled of nicely for a great shinning effect.

So the results are beautiful right?
The price is also beautiful so I thought of having a cheap design

So this is the cheapest design
RM5 only
Thank You kepada yang belanja



  1. Buat kat mana ni kak long, anak kawan Mak Lang kawin buat kat kl yang macam kawan kak long buat tu harganya RM350.00 mahal kan.

  2. Yang ini dalam RM100.. Tapi dekat Bahau la... HAHA.. jauhhh kan?

  3. Awk,nnt whatsapp sy bgtau kat mana kedai awk bt ni..bahau area mane sume ye..0173617045


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