24 May 2012

Review Men In Black 3

Sooooooooo.. I just got back from the Cinema and you can already guess which movie I watched right?

You are so gonna regret this if you miss out on this one
Seriously its just really a new twist to the story
And and and I almost cried at the end of the movie
Somehow the last scene really touched me

So here are some details of the movie:

The lead actors Will Smith (Agent J) and Tommy Lee Jones (Agent Kay)
MIB is jot not MIB without them

So this guy here  is the evil Alien named Boris the Animal
But he gets annoyed when 'the Animal' is mentioned
Its just Boris he says
So Boris is played by Jemaine Clemer

So who are these people and why are they dressed so the 90's?
Well  this is the young Agent Kay and the young Agent O

Oooo.. Kayyyyyy

Their roles are played by Josh Brolin and Alice Eve
(I really thought that Josh Brolin was the son of  Tommy Lee Jones since they really look a bit alike, but the answer is no, Josh Brolin is actually the son of actor James Brolin)

Daaaa.. Ain't that guy suppose to be old, what's he doing with Agent J?
You guys have to watch the movie for that
It's not fun spilling out everything right?

Overall this movie gets 4 out of 5
Its hilarious, the guys in the cinema were all laughing out loud
Including me


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