02 May 2012

Officially 20 Now

Thank You everyone who has wished me for my birthday yesterday
I was really touched since its a holiday and still some of you still remember
Especially to my close friends that gave text messages and wish personally
I love you guys

Thanks to those who also wished at twitter and facebook
I appreciate it so much

I can't believe I'm 20
Feels like I hardly grew up
And now I've left my teen years
My journey as an adult starts here and I don't know how I'm gonna do it

I am grateful that these past 20 years of my life I have lived well
I was completed with love, education and religion
Allhamdulilah, growing older makes me realize things that never had made sense before
I'm grateful to Allah for all that he has given me

I'm not this young kid anymore
I've grown
And it scares me
but I know there will always be someone behind me to support me
someone that will always happen to be there when that someone is needed the most

p/s: that was my first time trying on make-up. Its hideous, I know.



  1. Happy2 Birthdayy!!!!!!
    Semoga Allah memberkati perjalanan hidup mira(~_^)
    BTW, cantiklah make up, sape ckp hideous??



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