11 May 2012

Nuffnang's Trip to Awana Genting Highland


OMG OMG I still can't believe this
This is the first time ever I've been invited to join Nuffnang's event
I still can't believe it

Anyway's Thank You Nuffnang for this such great trip!
I'm so lucky to have even got the chance to join

So so so.. The story goes like this,
Once upon a time.... to be continued

p/s: hehehe.. :p


  1. nyh la yer event yang kau cerita harituh..kemon beb cerita apa ada sana???

  2. HAHA.. aku ingat kau pergi.. Next time jom la join kalau ada event lg.
    Apa yg berlaku kat sana kau kenalah tunggu chapter 1 dalam post akan dtg. tunggu tau.. HAHA

  3. It was my first time too ^^v

    Glad to be able to meet all of you there!

    Hope to see you all more often in other events too :D

  4. ceh...boleh wujudkan elemen suspen plak..macam drama tv..haha..nway cepat2 lah chapter 1 n harap2 takde banyak chapter la kan..hehe

  5. Glad to meet u all. :D . next kita jumpe next event lak ea :P

  6. Danial: First when I saw you I thought like u were someone famous coz u look so familiar like in the movies or something. Anyways it was great meeting you.

    Ferdaus: HAHAHA.. wait n see

    Putra: yeahh! Kita jumpa lagi next time eyh

  7. hahaaaa.. cehh bersambung.. up up entri baru

  8. mestilah bersambung, mana boleh gtau semua.. hehe


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