31 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 5)

Chapter 5
Pasar Ikan Bakar

For those who missed Chapt 1Chapt 2Chapt 3Chapt 4

Pasar Ikan Bakar?
Dekat Awana Genting ni ada pasar ke?
I mean pasar yang jual-jual ikan macam pasar basah tu?
Seriously I was so wondering why Genting has a pasar and we were told that we were going to be eating there. So I thought there were little stalls there but it was nothing than I had imagined

Introduce to you guys the Pasar Ikan Bakar Awana Genting
FYI:  The Pasar Ikan Bakar is for private occasions and could only be booked for Group Reservations Only
For booking: 03-61013015

All I could see now is fooooodd
My stomach was rumbling hard but the other bloggers were still chilling taking pictures and I was so eager to eat.

Then when we entered inside I was amazed by the interior

Its so comfy and coasy
If I was not hungry I will be sleeping now
The seats were so comfortable.

Finally the food..
I could still taste the taste of really good food
The meat and seafood are fresh and big, I mean enormous 
I ate about 4 or 5 plates that night and I still wanted more but my tank was already full.
I just wanted to pack everything and bring it back to my hotel room

So that night, was then that I got to know a little bit more about the bloggers

The person smiling toward the camera is Cik Lily Putih
I got this picture from her blog so credit to her
Anyways first time I met her I was actually scared of her
Muka garang gila, nak pandang pun takut
So bila nampak dia macam nak lari je, sebab takut
Then bila dah kenal, actually she is an interesting person with lots of stories to share
Then bila dah habis trip baru rasa yang SPORTINGNYA Kak Lily

Then here's Kak Anne, and my roomate Hanis
Picture credit to Hanis

So Kak Anne is the author of penmerah.com and the first time I saw her she was staring at me in a creepy way. I was like, 'err do I have my make-up smudged?' Then when I got to talk to her she said that she thought that I was her 'adik angkat' cause we looked similar. So that explains the story. Kak Anne is really friendly and she loves her cats so much.

Then there's Hanis, she's such a great partner to talk with. She speaks softly and politely, totally the opposite of me but still I don't know how we managed to get along.

Then meet Nisa Fuzi and of course semua kenal Nisa Kay yang kat belakang tu

So Nisa is Nisa and Nisa is Nisa
Haha.. Both of them cantik!

Anyways, I'll update more to you about the bloggers in other chapters

Back to the story then

So my stomach felt like it was gonna explode
Its not my fault cause the food was too good
You guys who are staying at Awana Genting will surely regret if you don't come here

The dinner was great but the treat didn't last long cause the next day we went through something that we will never forget.

to be continued...

p/s: thanks again Nuffnang


  1. Wow, you're doing chapter by chapter! Pretty cool. I wonder if I'm featured in any of them hahaha Chocoholic & Candylicious at Genting Highlands

  2. Haha I wonder as the same as Tony xD

    What I can say is... Pasar Ikan Bakar is THE BEST food throughout our stay at Awana Genting!

    Interesting in room8five: The Paradigm Incident

  3. Tony: I have mentioned you in Chapter 4, haha..

    Daniel: Your soon to be mentioned, no worries. Wait yaaa.. :)


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