29 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 4)

Chapter 4

For those who missed Chapter 1 , Chapter 2Chapter 3

I was out of breath, I couldn't bare to run anymore,
Hanis was in front of me, it was me and Kak Liliy at the back
I was like 'when is this gonna end?'

Meet Lyn and Tony Teh

My water bottle was already empty and all I could see is water
I wanted water so badly
Finally we reached to the final challenge

This is actually my second time trying, my first time when I was still in primary school
I went for some camp and they made us go down a four storey building which was more scarier than this. At least this time there is a place to land our feet.

We were the first group to arrive so we had the time to relax
I was really exhausted with all that running though

It was pretty way up
I not so pretty scared with heights so I was kinda fascinated with the view

So then it was my turn
The tip to abseiling is to lean back and straighten our legs
First off all I kinda got scared, not because of the height but because of I felt like I was a bout to fall when I leaned back to straighten my legs.

Then soon I got the hang of it but my waist started to hurt, cause the belt was gripping to hard and I was leaning back so somehow it was squeezing my waist.

But still it was fun that I didn't realize that I was already at the bottom
I wanted to do more but I was to lazy to climb the stairs
Besides, the other groups had arrived

This cute akak beside me is Kak Rubi
Akak ni la yang pertama introducekan diri hari tu
Sangat peramah

And this is Putra
Much older than me but almost the same hieght.. Hehe

So.. Our group won the Treasure Hunt
The reward is rest our legs
We just got a ride back to the hotel while the others had to walk back, not so sure cause we were the first to go back
We got to ride on that mini cute car

Finally home
I mean bed!
Haha.. But I was starving and dinner was 2 hours away

But dinner that night was such a great treat

To be continued...

p/s: pictures credit to Daren from Nuffnang



  1. Same height?? ni pun kena rendahkn diri ni sbenarnya. pasan sama tinggi. hahahaha

  2. Hahaha.. eleh, lebih kurang je tinggi kau ngn aku.. HAHA


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