26 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 3)

Chapter 3

Treasure Hunt

To those who missed Chapt 1 , Chapt 2

Dammnnnn.. I just wanna lay in bed and be under the sheets right now
My eyes are really heavy and my brain keeps saying 'beddddd, beddddd....'

But still I gathered all my strength and came down to the lobby 1.30pm
We were a bit late cause somehow we got so excited talking to the Author of Pen Merah

So first we had to walk to the start of the game
Tercungap-cungap aku naik tangga, al maklumlah orang terlalu sihat kan, baru berpeluh sikit dah semput
Anyways we first started of doing some light exercise then we were divided into groups

So these are my group members
Starting from our left,
the guy with his eyes closed, TONY
the women in blue, LYN
the women in red, Cik Liliy Putih
The guy with the thumbs up, DAREN
And my cute roomate, Hanis

So the adventure started with a game of Sudoku and word searching, since I don't know how to play sudoku, me Daren and Lyn focused on the word searching game while the others played sudoku. Sadly we were the last team to get the next mission.

The second mission is build a platform and get all the groups over to the other side.

When we passed that we were given clues for us to solve and find the place mentioned
There were four places and we decided to go to the last place first since all the other groups were so busy at  the other locations.
And it was really a benefit for us since it was not so hard to find the golf ball.
I forgot to mention that we were suppose to collect golf balls in every location
I managed to find one but Lyn was the one with the sharp eye

Luckily we were the first team to accomplish the second mission, so we are at lead

The third mission was then for the indoor games

Since we were in the mood of winning, we divided ourselves to complete the games
Me and Hanis played squash, we we suppose to hit the balloons but the balloons were to thick and it was impossible to pop it with my strength.
Then Daren and Kak Liliy did archery
Lyn and Tony did wall climbing
And yet we were still in the lead

For the third mission we had to take pictures of our group at certain places

One of them is take a picture with this car, I forgot the name of this car

When we completed the mission we thought that was the last one, but nooooooooo
There is more and I was already out of breath

For the fourth mission we had to walk up a hill to get there
I was like.. (out of breath) whaaattt??

When we got there we were given this puzzle to solve and make the puzzle into various shapes according to the guideline

Finally about 10 to 15 minutes we managed to solve it
And I was like yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Finished already can rest.

But noooooooooooooooooooo
Theres moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
and I was like oh nooooooooooo

The other groups were catching up with us
And we were in panic

to be continued

p/s: pictures credit to Daren from Nuffnang


  1. Haha so dramatic xD

    We all had fun and mostly tired that day lol.

  2. well I'm a drama queen Daniel.. HAHA..

  3. sgt best. rase nk undur mase balik.hahaha. tp nk kene kurus dulu. smput.. kahkahkah

  4. Tak payah nak kurus lagi dah.. Akak memang dah kurus pun.


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