15 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 2)

Chapter 2


To those who missed Chapter 1 . 

My stomach was singing 'kroink, kroink, fill me.. fill me'

But I mostly ignored my hunger, (mana tak lapar kalau satu malam sampai masa tu tak makan apa-apa, excited punya pasal, sanggup tak makan).

We were given our room cards and told to carry our luggage to our rooms. My roommate was Hanis, glad I was in the same room with her.

As soon as we entered our rooms, I was like jumping up and down, excited much. 

The view was spectacular with the fresh air at Genting, ouhh.. like heaven!

See the room. the bed, the sheets, you'll sleep like a boss with the size of a bed like that.

So, inside this is the key and coupons to Rajawali Coffee House for, lunch, and breakfast.

Me and Hanis were the first to arrive.. We were so looking forward to eating that we had to wait another 15 minutes cause the buffet wasn't ready yet.

I was like " whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. me hungry, me want food, me don't care. me want food now"
(tapi sebab aku malu-malu lgi tak kenal orang, so aku marah perut aku soh senyap jap)

Sharp at 12.00pm we went for the food

The drugs.. I mean foodddddddddddddddddddddddd

The real drugs

Lunch in day 1. You see the nasi-nasi bersepah-sepah tu?  Itu salah satu sebab aku still tak boleh kahwin lagi, senduk nasi pun tak betul.

Ikutkan hati aku nak tibai je makan terus, tapi blogger-blogger lain semua tangkap gambar makanan, aku pun, ehh.. seganlah nak makan dulu, so snap jela beberapa gambar, agak-agak dah tahan sangat terus baham.

The food was delicious I tell yaaa.. The salad especially, the dressing was just marvelous. Updating this makes me swallow my saliva. Erghhh.. 

See this? This is the reason why I eat
To wash my mouth (pencuci mulut)

Ouhhhhhhh.. I can't be a food blogger, all I wanna do is eat, not promoting. Tengoklah, gila tak tahan nak makan sampai letak pun bersepah-sepah. Blogger-blogger lain susun cantik-cantik.

See my happy face there?
Yes.. I'm happy.. That's my third plate

Rajawali offers great food. If your own your way to Genting drop by at Awana, the food served here are in buffet style and it really is affordable. I read the prices as I was in the lift of the hotel so I can't tell you specifically how much is the price. But as I remembered, I told Hanis that the price were pretty much eating a basic set at Kenny Rodgers. So its not that expensive don't you think?

"Buurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppppp" I was full and my eyes were heavy
But no no sleep, we went hunting after that
Wait for Chapter 3 then.. hehe

So thank you, Nuffnang, Daren, Putra, Nazrul, for these pictures.

p/s: I'm saving for a camera. So do help me 



  1. eh bace 3x baru perasan. tu org ke mgadap mira ? kejadah makan kunci bilik. haha

  2. HAHAHA... menaip nak cepat je sampai tunggang terbalik entry.. HAHA

  3. yeahhh..makanan, benda alu tak boelh tengok.....pencuci mulut tuh berbaik dok....:)

  4. ko klu bab makan memang laju kan mira... ishkkk


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