14 May 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 1)

Chapter 1

How I got there first was already a challenge, It was my first time ever taking public to go to KL and I had to be there before 9am. Almost one whole night I googled how to get to Wisma Genting at KL from Banting.

So it was my first time ever taking the commuter from Klang to KL sentral. My legs were kinda shaking, I didn't know if I could make it on time since it was already 8.30am and I still have reached KL yet.

I almost forgot how to breath until someone in the commuter farted and all of my sense came back to normal. So I arrived at KL Sentral, I was acting so cool like I've done this everyday, by inside my head was banging with questions.

"What am I suppose to do with this coin?"
"How am I going to get out of here?"
"How to get to the monorail station?"
"Am I able to make it on time?"
"Wait..wait.. am I even in the right place?"

So I just followed the flow, I saw signs heading to the monorail station and then there were no more signs. I panic a sec and just followed people with big bags like me. Lucky me, my brain did function well at times like that so I found the monorail station.

It was already 9am and I just on the monorail. My hijab was already a mess, its looked like I just wrapped my head with a table cloth. When I arrived at Raja Chulan, I took a deep breath first before heading down to Wisma Genting. I suddenly felt the chill of what to say and who to introduce myself.

So I walked slowly, then I saw a group of people with big bags talking. My legs suddenly felt weakened,but still I went to them. Just before I wanted to open my mouth and ask,

"Blogger eh?"

Fuhhhh.. Relieved I tell ya, So I answered back

" A,ah"

She introduced herself as Ruby and beside her was Anne
Anne introduced herself from Nuffnang, so this is the right place then

At first it was really awkwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard..
Then a girl apporoced me and introduced herself as Hanis
Then we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked till we reached to Awana Genting

When we got there I was like
Wohoaaaa... Oaaaa... waaaaa... Bestnya! Bestnya!
Memang macam jakun sikit.. HAHA

So these are those lucky bloggers who got to join this great event
Any familiar faces?
I'll introduce them to you in Chapter 2
Hehe.. Wait yaaaa

Picture credit to Nuffnang .

P/s: I know. I look a mess.


  1. aku baca pun tercungap cungap..hahah...

  2. memang boleh bukukan trip gi genting ni.. untung bgi 2 eh. :P

  3. Spread your wings and fly lil' one! haha...

    Glad that you made it in one piece xD

  4. kembar, tu nisa kay yg blogger kan?

  5. ferdaus: HAHA.. sampai mc tu sekali eh

    Nisa: Itulah.. hehe

    Daniel: Yaa.. I'm glad too.. :)

    Kembar: Aah. itu Nisa Kay

  6. wahh.good..dah berani jalan sendiri.nanti bawak aku lak g sane.

  7. nazrul: kau kenal apa? hahaha

    elz: haha.. insyallah


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