03 May 2012

My Nestle Incredible Story

Since its the holidays and I got nothing to do I am mostly in front of my laptop all of the time. Then while I was browsing through Nuffnang's website I found Nestle's 100 Years Contest. I really got eager to participate since   I have been Nestle's loyal customer since I was even born in this world.

So the contest last about this whole year but winners are picked monthly, there are different categories that you could choose from to participate. You can write a short story, tweet, snap a picture or even post a video. For me I chose to submit a video.

So this is what I have submitted for the contest
You can watch the full video at Nestle's YouTube Malaysia

In my video I tried to bring back my old memories with Milo. Well, obviously I did grow up with Milo and till now it is still my choice. The only hot drink I ever drink is Hot Milo, I don't fancy other sorts of hot drinks than that.

Well, the video starts of with me, its kind of a flashback I tried to create. Then the flashback starts with me when I was in primary school. Mum used to make me hot Milo for breakfast every morning.

Then comes to the scene where children drinks iced Milo at the evening. During that scene I wanted to share   one of the great childhood memories I had was playing in the afternoon with my cousins and after tired of playing we will drink iced Milo together while talking and laughing. That times used to be really fun for me.

After that I tried to recall my teenage years when I started to experience a little bit of life and have a taste of heartbreaks and failure. At that time I wanted to show that Nestle's ice-creams was one of the best medicines for that kind of pain but still it was not complete without a little bit of Milo in it. I remembered how hard I pushed myself during my secondary school years. I was fighting the best for my studies that sometimes got me really exhausted. But still Milo was still a great company that made everything feel good again.

Then for the last flashback I put in the part where kids were running around playing. That moment I wanted everyone to remember back their childhood moments and recall back what memories do they still have. I wanted the viewers to know that Milo has helped me to remember my childhood years since I grew up with Milo.

Lastly the ending was to complete the story that till now Milo has always been my favorite drink, and always will be.

So that's a little bit about the video. It may not be a very good one and I know it lacks from the view of film students but this is my very first time trying and this is how it came up.

Hope that everyone who watched and read enjoyed and understood what I was trying to say.

If you guys want to also join this contest you may visit Nestle's 100 Years Contest.

p/s: Since during the submission of the video I had to smaller the file so the quality is a bit bad, you guys can have a look here for the video in better quality. Please do leave comment. Thank You


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