25 May 2012

LG Party With Nuffies

Yesterday night was Awesome.. I tell ya just so so awesome
Thank You Nuffang for giving me and my friend the opportunity to join this event

The crowd was crazy and this is actually my first tie attending events like this
LG displayed us their new Smart 3D Cinema TV that has all sorts of cool functions and takes our breath away just by look of it.
There were sections that focused on certain parts of the TV that they wanted us to know about
Seriously I was so amazed that someone managed to create such an invention

Cool Shades right?
Silly, these are the 3D glasses
Don't seem like those heavy 3D glasses right?
Just can grab them and wear them under the sun.

Guess what I'm doing. I'm just playing a game by using just my body to control the game. It was really fun.

I don't know much of the bloggers there, since I hardly blog walk and remember the blogs I enter to. But still  I manged to be friend with the bloggers that went to the Awana Genting trip with me few weeks back. 
This is me with Nisa Fuzi
I really pretty girl that is really friendly

Then of course you all my know this familiar face right?
who other than Cik Lily Putih

Then this guy here Putra
The really guy that likes to make fun of me

Then not forgetting the person who put on an effort to bring me to this event
Thank You kimsyaf

There were so many bloggers that came that night, Hanis and Nazrul was there too. I knew some of the familiar faces but I was to shy to say Hi.. Yeahh.. Me shy, HAHA

Anyways, the party was a blast
But still I haven't told you the awesome features of the TV's right?
Just wait till the next post



  1. Malu la mira wat statement camtu... :D

  2. me too! i was too shy 0_0
    and i think i saw you at the party.

    selamat berkenalan.

    hope to see you again. ^_^

  3. ehhhh... awk masa tu sorang2 je ke? sebab kita ingat ada sorang perempuan tu dia sorang2 muka macam awak..


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