13 May 2012

Excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Have you guys ever had a 3D Smart TV before? I'm sure some of you have and maybe some of you might not have but still there is no possible way that you have not seen these TV's displaying in malls right?

Well now, the new generation of 3D TV has arrived with the new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.

Cool kan? Kan? Rasa macam nak rembat je satu sekarang. Wohoaa.. Macam dapat durian runtuh. Hehe

So.. Kenapa aku excited sangat dengan TV ni? Well.. Honestly. the first time I have watched a movie in 3D was the Star Wars showing recently in the Cinema's. First time masuk cinema tu pakai Specs yang dibagi, I was like, Wohoaaa... uuuuu...whoaaa.. senyum sampai ke telinga cause first time right.
Then after 10minutes in the cinema, I was like, errrrrr.. my eyes hurt, errr.. I'm not comfortable, errrr... bila nak habis ni? Seriously I felt really annoying with all of that since I was trying to focus on one of the greatest movies.

So since Nuffnangers are given the opportunity to experience the coolness of LG newest product first hand, I'll flood Banting down if I don't get to join this great event. 

Why I want to excite my senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

Because the features of this TV is so stunning and of course I want to experience it with my own eyes lively.

Just can't imagine if I got this TV to myself, I'll be like, ohhhhhhh.. I have my own world now. Hehe..

So the great features of this TV?

1. Certified Flicker-Free

2. Battery Free

3. Electromagnetic Waves-Free

4. 3D Boost Light

5. Wider Viewing Angle

6. Flexible Viewing Position

7. Lightweight 3D Glasses

8. Crosstalk-Free

9. Reasonably-Priced 3D Glasses

So that is pretty much some of the features of this fantastic new gadget. Find out more here LG Cinema 3D TV.

With all these features, watching TV will be greater than you have imagined and I want that imagination of mine to come to so that's why I want to excite my senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.



  1. are you up to LG contest or something? :p

  2. Yupp.. HAHA.. You know everything

  3. good luck doe..nway contest apekah ini...

  4. nuffnang punya event dalam hujung bulan ni.. jom lah join

  5. Nisa petang ni KOT baru nak buat entry ni :P

  6. HAHA.. Semoga kita berdua dapat join event ni. HAHA


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