23 April 2012

Working with Babies

Alhamdulilah, recently I received an email that I got accepted for training in a local photography studio. I'm not gonna tell you guys which company yet. I"ll update if I get fully accepted as their worker. Then only will I be a professional photographer, HAHA.. its kinda funny hearing that, but the main reason is not for the title, its for the experience. I was informed that I'll be trained all year round and being paid as well. So its a really good opportunity.
So the photography company focuses on babies, children and family as their main customer. Mostly potraits of babies. So I've been told that we will be working with babies mostly. So recently I joined Syafiq with some extra work taking pictures at a Majlis Cukur Jambul.
As usual, Syafiq will be taking the pictures and I'll edit, so here are some of our work.

I'm still not a good enough editor yet. I'm still working on it though.
Can't wait to start training this May and improve my skills more
Wish me luck guys



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