27 April 2012

Results Semester 4

As usual, every semester I will share my results with you guys
So here it is

If you click on the label About Me below, you will be able to see all of my previous results from semester 1. Its kinda sad this semester for me since I was hoping to stay on the dean's list till I graduate.
 For me its really heartbreaking, seeing my results like this
Well, I can't deny this semester is a tuff one with most of the subjects group work. I'm not really that good on group work so maybe this is what I deserve.
This semester was my worse anyways so kinda expected the results to be like this but I was still hoping deep down inside that the worse I could get was 3.5/
Some people may not know why I am so fussy about my results, some people say, bersyukurlah apa yang dapat, perkara dah berlaku pun. Yeahh. I know, its the pass already. But is that the reason why I can't be sad?
I've been like this since school, and every time I don't get what I target I'll cry my lungs out. Yeah.. crying doesn't give me what I wants but it lets out all the pain flow.
Well, even now I'm updating this blog with a running nose dan mata yang sangat sembab. I just can't help it.
I worked hard this semester, I pushed my butt of to get things done perfectly but at the end of the semester I just lost hope. I got so tired and frustrated and spent most of time crying in bed, and I knew I would be crying again when my results come out. And yes I did.
I still haven't shown dad yet, just don't feel like it yet. My head is so messed up right now.
But still I accept what I get..



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