30 April 2012

Our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Jeng.. jeng.. jeng
See..see. our photoshoot
Cewahhhh.. Like were the ones who's gonna get married
Kena tembak aku dengan Dr Shaiful if I get married before having a degree scroll

The real couple that's gonna get married are them

The groom to be

The bride to be

That's enough pictures
Nanti bakal pengantin marah pulak sebab dah release gambar mereka awal-awal..

On the scene, maaflah ye terkangkang tuh.. Tak sengaja.

Him on the scene with his Canon 60D
Really nice shots with that camera

So it was an exhausting day that day
From Shah Alam to Klang to Putrajaya to Klang to Shah Alam back
Still we had fun 


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