01 April 2012

Fresh New Look

Well. if you guys are looking at my blog right now you would have already noticed that I've changed it into something more refreshing.

I'm still using the old name, that is Scribbledydum. For those who don't know what that means, its shortened for Scribble it down, where basically I scribble down all my thoughts in this blog. I don't think much when I write, everything that pops in mind is typed down. So that is why sometimes you might see grammar mistakes and so on.

So from this:

I got this:

So what do you guys think? Which one is better. My editing has become a little rusty since I've been so busy with studies I didn't do much editing. But still, I spent the whole day for tutorials on youtube then trial and error doing it and finally I produced this.

I'm still thinking to change something to a little bit simpler. First of all I' gonna explore more editing techniques during this semester break.



  1. The font color looks nice. Your header's awesome. But the left side of the blog kinda empty. Anyway, I like this overall design better than the previous.

  2. Just think that if putting pictures at both sides of the blog it will be crowded.. But thanks

  3. wow! cantek and sgt kreatif lah cikcit.. <3

  4. Thanks kak yaya.. tapi still tak boleh kalahkan blog kak yaya


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