05 April 2012

Brain Training, Keep Your Brain Functioning

Those that are follower my twitter that have noticed, every morning I will tweet 'done brain training' you guys might be wondering what that is actually right? Well I found this cool websites that provides free brain training.

What is so important of brain training? It has been said that brain training helps to keep the brain young and healthy. It is important to make brain training as a habit because it activates the neurons in our brain that keeps our brain more aware of some certain parts of the brain.

There are many websites I found for brain training but I chose lumosity to try. Lumosity offers free braining but still you don't have full access to all of the games.

As you can see, this is my brain profile This is before training..
Below are some of the games offered

These are not all of the games, there are still a lot more. One of my favorite game is Familiar Faces. Its a memory game.

Every time after a game is completed, you will see something like this appear. Its like a scoreboard of your previous marks on that same game, so if you improve, they will show how much you improve and also vise-versa.

At the very last you could see your overall results
The one I highlighted green shows your BPI score and shows the specific parts of the brain and how much score your brain parts recieves
The red one shows the history of you BPI, as you can see mine has been falling. From my history results I saw that my brain functions ups and downs. Sometimes I get high marks but sometimes I get low marks.
The last one in purple is the lumosity points, the overall points of your training. As you can see mine is not so high. I'm sure you guys have better brains than me.

I decided to make brain training a habit because since I entered University I haven't been using my brain enough like I used to. I don't think hard everyday, so it gets difficult for me when I enter my finals because at the beginning of the semester my brain is rusty and at the end of the semester I need it to be greasy. So that creates stress for me since I'm not so could studying last minute. I can't even try to study earlier because some reasons. Not gonna tell publicly.

So for those who wants to know more, why not just try the applications. Seriously its fun.



  1. "... since I entered University I haven't been using my brain enough like I used to..."

    I'm very surprised. I would have thought that it's the other way around. What gives?

  2. because my course is more to thinking creatively and logically than memorizing at school like we used to do.. we merely hold books anymore since were more to practical than theory.. so my brain kinda get stuck when it comes to memorizing again


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